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FF: Oxford's Subtle Advantage in Britain's Vaccine Race 💉

Faridah Faiz
Faridah Faiz
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Here are some things that I’ve been working on lately, plus something for you to think about:

What I've been creating
Oxford's Subtle Advantage in Britain's Vaccine Race
The Business of Science
What I'm consuming
📚 Currently reading: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport
Cal Newport can come across as a Neo-Luddite at times but he makes a compelling case for how we can live more intentionally in our tech-saturated world. If you’ve read his other books, So Good They Can’t Ignore You and Deep Work, then this is worth your time.
🖥 Currently watching: Black Mirror on Netflix
It took me long enough but I finally started watching Black Mirror on Netflix. If you’re new to Black Mirror too, start with Be Right Back (Season 2, Episode 1). Personally, that particular episode hit a little too close to home but it sparks an interesting conversation on grieving in the age of AI and social media.
Food for thought
“The average person spends over two hours per day on social media. What could you do with an extra six hundred hours per year?” (Source:Atomic Habits by James Clear)
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Faridah Faiz
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