FF: 2021 Annual Review, the Cambridge vaccine and nerdy memes (lots of them) 🤓



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Faridah Faiz
Faridah Faiz
Happy new year, fellow subscribers. All 11 of you.
I say that in jest, but in all honesty I really appreciate all of you sticking around for the ride even when I wasn’t very consistent with these newsletters last year. I respect your time and the fact that you already get enough clutter in your inbox, so it’s only right that I make sure that these newsletters offer you a decent amount of value.
So, I can’t promise you consistency in 2022 (something I refer to in my 2021 Annual Review) given the nature of my job, but I can promise you that whenever I do get around to writing these, it will be worth your while.
Let’s dive in.

What's new with me
I was on a bit of a writing and social media hiatus for a bit, but I’m back with a new post:
Annual Review 2021
Also, I accidentally went viral. I’ve been tweeting since at least 2011, perhaps earlier, and have never experienced this before. It’s a cool validation of my very nerdy hobby. Enjoyed it while it lasted (although it still seems to be having a life of its own so I’ve had to mute it).
Faridah Faiz
Glad that the Pahang elite's side businesses are getting some attention, because I found this last year on a random deep dive into The Economist's historical archives.

They've been doing this for a long time, folks. This article is almost 133 years old. https://t.co/3GTx1nZHXI
What's new with the world
The Cambridge vaccine has entered clinical trials! I’ve since taken down the article (mainly because it’s outdated now) but I wrote about this one last year. I’m excited. It’s definitely one to watch, not least because it’s using a needle-free delivery mechanism. Read more about it here >>> https://www.cam.ac.uk/stories/DIOSCoVax_safetytrial
Also, for any UK-based Islamic finance enthusiasts, my favourite app Zoya is branching out from pure investor knowledge (which stocks and ETFs are shariah compliant or not etc.) to effectively becoming a halal Trading212. It hasn’t launched yet but soon you’ll be able to invest in individual stocks and pre-built halal portfolios, all commission-free. I’ve already put myself on the waiting list - you can do the same here.
Meme cleansers
Credit for adding meme cleansers to newsletters goes to king of shitposting, Litquidity. Check out their Exec Sum newsletter!
Causes that deserve your money
I thought of dedicating a section of the newsletter to causes I care about, which broadly fall into the realm of social mobility, income equality, sustainability, funding good science, and supporting entrepreneurs (especially social entrepreneurs). Here are a few outfits that could do with your support:
Rice Inc.
Rice Inc is a social enterprise, founded by UCL students Kisum Chan and Lincoln Lee (BSc Biomedical Sciences). Their company provides high quality rice while aiming to have a positive impact on the life of farmers and the environment. I had the pleasure of chatting with co-founder Lincoln Lee at my first British Malaysian Society dinner last year and I really love what they’re doing. It’s smart. I wish them all the best with it.
Support them by buying their rice here >>> https://eatpaddi.com/
Find out more about their agritech startup here >>> https://vulcanpost.com/744864/rice-inc-paddi-agritech-startup-malaysia/
Mercy Malaysia
Mercy Malaysia needs no introduction (just in case you haven’t heard of them, here’s a brief background) but I bring them up here because they’ve recently launched a Flood Relief fund. Malaysia has recently experienced some of the worst flooding the nation has ever seen. It’s a major climate emergency, and it’s going to take a lot of financial support to help flood victims get back on their feet. If you can, please spare even just £1 / RM1 to the fund and support their good work >>> https://www.mercy.org.my/donate/
For other flood relief initiatives, please check out #DaruratBanjir on Twitter.
Until next time,
P.S. Bonus meme for sticking around! Don’t be like Doraemon.
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Faridah Faiz
Faridah Faiz @faridahfaiz

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