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Stay up-to-date with the latest findings and analysis from the Franklin & Marshall College Poll. The Franklin & Marshall College Poll, is the longest running statewide poll exclusively directed and produced in Pennsylvania. The poll is a primary source of information for those involv... Read more

Stay up-to-date with the latest findings and analysis from the Franklin & Marshall College Poll.

The Franklin & Marshall College Poll, is the longest running statewide poll exclusively directed and produced in Pennsylvania. The poll is a primary source of information for those involved in government, media, and public policy in Pennsylvania.

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Franklin & Marshall Poll Release: October 2021

The October 2021 Franklin & Marshall College Poll finds President Biden’s job approval ratings and personal popularity have declined in Pennsylvania since August. About one in three (32%) registered voters in Pennsylvania believes President Biden is doing…


Franklin & Marshall College Poll: Population and Voter Registration Changes in PA Since 2000

The US Census Bureau released 2020 Census data in August that showed the state's population grew modestly, about 2.4 percent, between 2010 and 2020.[i] Other top-line findings were that the state became a bit more diverse, with 75% of the population identifyi…


Franklin & Marshall College Poll: Does a Trump Endorsement Help or Hurt in Pennsylvania?

Former President Donald Trump’s early September endorsement of Republican US Senate candidate Sean Parnell is, to date, the most consequential event of the 2022 primary campaign season. The August 2021 Franklin & Marshall College Poll found no clear front…


Franklin & Marshall Poll Release: August 2021

The August 2021 Franklin & Marshall College Poll finds that concern about COVID-19 is increasing among the state’s registered voters. After declining from one in three (31%) in March to less than one in ten (7%) in June, one in five (17%) voters now say t…


Franklin & Marshall College Poll: Polls, Helpful Tools for Reducing Uncertainty

In an editorial on August 4th the Times News asked a question that I’m sure is on many people’s minds: have political polls outlived their usefulness? The author’s criticism emerged in response to the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) re…


Franklin & Marshall Poll: Have Pennsylvania's recent voting reforms produced less down-ballot voting?

Pennsylvania's voting reform act of 2019 made a number of significant changes to the state's voting laws, with the most consequential change allowing no-excuse mail in voting. Another potentially consequential reform eliminated the straight-party voting mecha…


Franklin & Marshall Poll Release: June 2021

The June 2021 Franklin & Marshall College Poll finds that concerns about COVID-19 are receding among the state’s registered voters, declining from one in three (31%) voters who believed COVID-19 was the state’s most important problem in March to less than…


Franklin & Marshall College Poll: A Final Look at the 2021 Pennsylvania Primary Election

In this political era, where most commentators believe that every election sheds light on the next, due to a deeply nationalized electorate, there is an undeniable temptation to believe that Pennsylvania's May municipal primary tells us something important ab…


Franklin & Marshall College Poll - Ballot Initiative Experiment

There has been significant interest in a pair of May primary ballot questions that would change the state’s constitutional procedures for terminating a disaster emergency declaration. The Pennsylvania Department of State has written the text of two ballot que…


Franklin & Marshall College Poll - The 2022 Primary Elections: Political Catnip

US SenateThe state and national media are full of stories about the 2022 Pennsylvania primary election even though it won't happen for more than a year.[i] Just a few weeks ago, the national news organization Politico published an in-depth profile about Penns…


Franklin & Marshall College Poll: Democracy & Party Factions

Donald Trump’s behavior as president prompted many to express concern about the fate of American democracy, and the last months of his administration triggered outright panic. The January 6th raid on the Capitol, Republican members of Congress voting to stop …


Franklin & Marshall Poll Release: March 2021

The March 2021 Franklin & Marshall College Poll finds two in five (36%) of the state’s voters believe the state is “headed in the right direction,” which is significantly lower than the recent, pre-pandemic high of 57% reported in October 2019. Voters lis…


Franklin & Marshall Poll - Ballot Initiatives: How Wording Matters

The state’s Republican legislative leaders and Governor Wolf are locked in a dispute about the Governor’s authority to establish emergency disaster declarations, such as the one the Governor relied on during the COVID-19 pandemic to take actions he believed p…


Franklin & Marshall College Poll: Are Pennsylvania Voters Fleeing from the Republican Party?

The impeachment trial of former President Trump has caused some to speculate that the Republican Party itself will be harmed by the coverage. The New York Times reported on February 10th that Republicans were losing significant support across the country, as …


Franklin & Marshall College Poll: Assessing the 2020 Pennsylvania Election Polls

Pennsylvania's 2020 election, which included millions of mail-in ballots, vast partisan differences in mail-in voting, and a delayed vote count, resulted in an outpouring of snap judgments that the Pennsylvania polls were off the mark in 2020. This Philadelph…