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Your Upcoming Flight (5/7/21) | main/menu with nicholas grayson

main/menu with nicholas grayson
Your Upcoming Flight (5/7/21) | main/menu with nicholas grayson
By Nicholas Grayson • Issue #24 • View online
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Does anyone remember how airplanes work? What am I supposed to do when I get to the airport tomorrow. Do you think they’ll let me fly the plane?
this is a photo of my new plane
this is a photo of my new plane
What Happened On Fanbyte This Week
IT’S MAY NOW, WHAT? We’re almost halfway through 2021 lmao can you fucking believe it
Anyway, it was a good week for the website Fanbyte dot com. We’ve got coverage of the hottest news (Epic v. Apple), the hottest releases (Resident Evil Village), and the hottest dudes (Wesley Snipes in Blade).
ICYMI, Epic is suing Apple over their 30% App Store cut. After a very public fight last year (remember #FreeFortnite?), the case has finally landed in court. Some companies like Sony and Microsoft are catching strays, which is always fun to me. Sony required devs to pay for the right to do crossplay on the PS4. Microsoft has never turned a profit on the sale of an Xbox. Tim Sweeney doesn’t think that the Switch is a console because it’s not always stationary. Imran wrote a great explainer on the case, and you can read it below.
Epic vs. Apple: An Explainer
Collin MacGregor has done the incredible and cranked out an incredible set of guides for the release of Resident Evil Village. Collin is incredible and one of the hardest workers in the biz, so I’m excited for him to take a break after he put the whole team on his back the last week and a half. If you get stuck in RE8, hit the link below to get to our hub for the game. If you want to read our other guides, then make your way to
Resident Evil Village Guide Hub - Bosses, Weapons, Puzzles, & More!
It is Snipes Month over on You Love To See It, our weekly movie club podcast! The crew is watching and chatting about a different Wesley Snipes movie all month.
This week, the crew talks about the prequel to The Matrix: Blade (1998).
Thank you @wesleysnipes for inspiring at least one kid to stop being mean and start learning martial arts presumably so he too could fight vampires.
(🎧 You Love To See It 74:
If you like our podcasts, please tell your friends and family about them! Word of mouth is more powerful than Mario with a Fire Flower, you know? I’m always saying this.
Video Games
We streamed the beginning of Resident Evil Village yesterday on Twitch. You can catch the VoD below, but fair warning, there’s a lot of hand stuff and zombies and a house is on fire and also Hagrid is there. Consider yourselves warned.
Spooked Ya | Resident Evil Village (5/7/21)
Spooked Ya | Resident Evil Village (5/7/21)
Friday Thoughts
The folks over at Giant Bomb dot com (it’s a website about video games) announced their plans for the future this week, with industry stalwarts Vinny Caravella, Brad Shoemaker, and Alex Navarro all leaving the company today.
Giant Bomb is one of the most influential websites in this industry, with such an incredible roster of current employees and alums that have been there for a generation of fans of this medium. I started listening to the Bombcast in 2015 and until I started working at Fanbyte, I watched and listened to basically everything that those folks did. That website is a huge part of why I look at this industry the way I do, and has directly inspired the ways that I think it can and should be better.
I mentioned this on Twitter, but when I was college thinking about what I wanted to do when I grew up, I told myself that I would’ve “made it” when I got invited to the Giant Bomb E3 party. It was an institution to me, and I know it was important to a lot of other people too. So when I actually ended up there at E3 2019, it was surreal! I was at my second ever real job, a year separated from graduation, and I had somehow finessed my way into a space that I had only dreamed of.
That was good and bad, I think. Good because, like, holy shit, I did it, you know? After years of having my mom drive me past the Los Angeles Convention Center every E3 so I could just see the big Call of Duty banner on the front of the building, I’d become a credentialed member of the press and was there covering the event for work. I’d gotten to the mountaintop that I didn’t think was possible. But like, lol, I’m 25. I was 23 at E3 2019. I did the thing I was expecting to do at 30 seven years early. What am I supposed to do now?
I have no real resolution for this part of the newsletter, really. This thought was also not particularly cogent. It feels weird to mourn a website, especially when the folks involved are still around. But that mourning has made me think about what I want to do in this space while I have the chance. It is so strange to go from a fan of this space to a person in it. There is no rulebook for that, no template to really follow. Even in a collaborative environment like this one, no one can prepare you for the unique void you feel when you begin monetizing your hobby. So I at least want to make sure the stuff I make matters, and I want to make sure I am putting as much energy and care into it as the folks that inspired me to be here.
Have a good weekend, y'all. <>
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