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Welcome! (10/23/20) | main/menu with nicholas grayson

main/menu with nicholas grayson
Welcome! (10/23/20) | main/menu with nicholas grayson
By Nicholas Grayson • Issue #1 • View online
// Hello, welcome to main/menu, a weekly newsletter about video games. Every Friday, Fanbyte Social Editor+ Nicholas Grayson will hand deliver a bunch of words about the intersection between games, culture, and Online to your inbox. If you have questions or comments, you can hit me at
Okay, time to do the newsletter! //

What is main/menu?
main/menu is a newsletter about video games. And technology. And culture. And the internet. It’s about a lot of things, I guess.
That’s because talking about this space is never just talking about games. It’s talking about economics, ethics, representation, and culture. It’s analyzing gross missteps in worldbuilding, reporting on burgeoning communities, and reviewing bizarre business decisions by powerhouses. It is impossible to approach this space with a narrow idea of who plays games, why people play games, and what games can mean to people. As press, our job is not to blindly act as cheerleaders for every decision a company makes. Instead, we should think critically about what is presented and challenge the powers at be when necessary. I want main/menu to be a space where we can dive deep on the week’s biggest news in a way that’s fun and engaging every week.
The Format
main/menu will bring the best of our excellent features, trending pieces, and news into one cohesive place. And, I’ll bring you a fresh take on the biggest conversation of the week in a segment I’ve lovingly called The Discourse. That won’t be the only segment, though! We’ll have:
The Discourse: We’ll take a look at the week’s hottest story, break it down into pieces, and contextualize every last shard.
Now Playing: This segment will have links to some of the best criticism in games every week, from Fanbyte and beyond.
Loading: Sometimes stories break but they’re incomplete, or information is teased but not fully revealed. There will be links and conversation about what’s coming soon in Loading.
Sound Test: Did you know that Fanbyte has a growing podcast network? We do! We have shows like Spawn on Me with Kahlief Adams, merritt k’s The K-Hole, and The Vineyard with Funké, an audiovisual experience that looks back at the internet’s best viral videos from yesteryear. Sound Test will bring you the best of the podcasts we made during the week.
Good Stuff Zone: The GSZ can support good .mp3s, .mp4s, and tweets from around the web. If I find a fun thing online, it’ll end up here.
The Closer: One more thing..
More segments will surely be added as we go, but a key component of main/menu is organization. There’s a lot happening and your inbox is already full – I’ll do my best to keep things in order and not just be another number in your email notification badge.
Now Playing
Let’s do a quick little Now Playing.
Fanbyte’s doing more sports, did you know? We’ve got an incredible sportswriting pair in Natalie Weiner and Fernanda Prates, and every week they bring columns to Fanbyte’s pages that’re unlike any of the sportswriting you’ll find online.
Today, Natalie published a piece about the grim reality of sports like volleyball still being played in the midst of the pandemic at the high school and collegiate levels. It’s a great (albeit horrifying) read.
Volleyball is the Grim Specter of Indoor Sports in the Pandemic
Fernanda wrote an incredible list reviewing most of the biggest moments that have occured on Dana White’s absurd UFC Fight Island over the course of the last few months. One of those moments was this buckwild knockout that I’ve watched probably a hundred times. I mean, look:
how the hell is that even possible
Anyway, you can catch Fernanda’s piece below.
Sound Test
Episode 17: We Need to Talk About Seraphine
This week’s episode of 99 Potions, our RPG podcast, is a banger. The crew talks about Seraphine, the newest hero coming to League of Legends. Natalie Flores, Fanbyte’s Featured Contributor, also wrote a piece on her that’s an excellent primer for the episode.
The Closer
Thanks for reading!
I was on vacation this week, so the first full edition of main/menu will hit your inbox on Friday, October 30th. You can subscribe and make sure it ends up in your inbox by clicking here. Tell your friends, your neighbors, and your dog. Just start throwing email addresses in the subscription box, it’s fine.
I’ll see y'all next Friday.
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