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Please Sell Me A PlayStation 5 (11/13/20) | main/menu with nicholas grayson

main/menu with nicholas grayson
Please Sell Me A PlayStation 5 (11/13/20) | main/menu with nicholas grayson
By Nicholas Grayson • Issue #4 • View online
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goddamn it
I haven’t hit F5 this many times since LeBron was a free agent in 2018. This sucks. I just want to buy a PlayStation 5. I’ve tried every store. Every website. I woke up at 7am to sit in front of my local Target this morning. No one will sell me a PlayStation 5.
I have Five Hundred hard earned dollars right here in my bank account that need a home, in Sony’s pocket.
I fucking dare Sony to sell me a PlayStation. If they don’t sell me one, I’m going to tell everyone that “Nintendoes what Sony won’t.” I’m gonna put it on Twitter. It would be easier for me to rent an airplane with a banner that says “PlayStation 5? More like NayStation Hive!!” than it would be to buy a PlayStation right now.
I’m so mad.
a picture of my dog
Welcome to a new segment of the newsletter called “a picture of my dog”. In this segment I’ll show you a picture of my dog, Barley.
please sell me a playstation 5
please sell me a playstation 5
This concludes the segment.
listen to this
We made good podcasts this week, you should listen to them wherever podcasts are sold. My favorites this week?
please sell me a playstation 5
The Closer
COVID cases are spiking. Stay inside. We’re so close to the vaccine we just need to hunker down. If we shut all of this shit down for 5-6 weeks we’ll be in the streets by next Summer.
Be safe, be smart, wear a mask.
See y'all next week.
please sell me a playstation 5
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