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Do You Know Rob Thomas or Carlos Santana (4/23/21) | main/menu with nicholas grayson

main/menu with nicholas grayson
Do You Know Rob Thomas or Carlos Santana (4/23/21) | main/menu with nicholas grayson
By Nicholas Grayson • Issue #22 • View online
you know what it is.

Carlos + Rob
my dads (1999)
my dads (1999)
Hey do any of you know Carlos Santana or Rob Thomas? Social Editor+ LB and I are trying to figure out how to contact one or both of these lads. Please email me if you know Carlos.
What Happened On Fanbyte This Week
Fūnk-é started on Monday! They have crushed their first week and I cannot wait to keep working with them. Read their first piece with us in their new position:
emily is away <3 is the Ghost of Awkward Online Past
Please, god, tell your friends about Friends Reunion. It is so funny and I’m not saying that because I’m on it. We talk about birds and evolution on this one (which i guess isn’t actually that descriptive because we talk about both on a lot of the episodes).
🦀 Being a crab is the ultimate dub. That's just science. 🦀

(🎧 Friends Reunion 65:
On Tuesday we did a completely sober MLB The Show 21 stream. The ending is one of the funniest things we’ve ever done but we also built a stadium that has a two foot high wall in left field and a 60 foot tall one in right field. Someone in the chat said the words “wall’s trick”.
Baseball, Dancing Same Game | MLB The Show 21
Baseball, Dancing Same Game | MLB The Show 21
Basically the whole staff is fully vaccy’d, baby!!!! I hope you are on your way to being fully vaccy’d (or already are!). There’s lots of resources out there if you still need help finding an appointment but everyone is eligible now. Go get ‘em tiger.
Friday Thoughts
Does anyone know how to make a twitter bot. I don’t know how to code. All of the stuff I found after a very cursory Google search is like “here’s how to make a bot that replies "I love the internet of things!!!!” anytime anyone mentions a thermostat. I don’t want that.
Entirely unrelated, remember this?
Cartoon Network's Fridays Opening Theme
Cartoon Network's Fridays Opening Theme
Have a good one, y'all.
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