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FASTer - Issue #76
By Faizan Siddiqi • Issue #76 • View online
Copouts are Easier than trying. Effort>Cash
(Do)You: Attribute other people’s success to being gifted or lucky
Why? So you don’t have to look in the mirror and realize that you can do it too
Whats missing? Not willing to put in the work.
Crap input = Crap output
Most times it’s not even about money. But go ahead lie to your self that you don’t have enough of it. If outcomes were purely & singularly dependent on (lots of) money, we wouldn’t have the following:

I am sure you recognize some of those brands.
HP? 538$….10k in todays money… and the list goes on. What every one of these stories will tell you is the founders singular desire to do something, to build some thing, to create some thing. None of that happens with out effort, drive or a desire to leave the world in a better shape than you found it.
No one can try on your behalf. Stop Learning Start Earning.
Build your brand. Own your brand. Be a Brand and most of all build your community.. (You got it, the importance of branding to build & Distribute any thing, any where to any one requires a tribe)
Who or what is Pakistans Most Prolific Brand? If you put their name or face on say a Burger joint, would it work? Would it draw in 1000s? Would Police need to be called in to manage riots?
Heres some thing that I read that blew my mind.
YouTuber and philanthropist MrBeast opened the first in-person MrBeast Burger at the American Dream Megamall in New Jersey.
So in 2020 a lot of celebrities got into the ghost kitchen space, lending their name for all kinds of wacky food ideas, delivery only…
It worked out well for some, but But MrBeast’s, of course had some thing else planned. A spectacle and an insanely well thought out Market Test.
  • At a pop-up in North Carolina, he gave away food, cash, iPads, and a car. Ended up in cops having to manage the location
  • The chain(virtual) and tested with live demand gen, opened with a whopping 300 virtual locations, and now has 1k+ across North America and Europe.
This resulted in a new Physical Location. At a mall…This was no exception…Crowds went wild…
If you’d like to understand
The Power of Brand
The Power of Community
The Power of Online Distribution
Read the thread…
kelsey weekman
i’m at american dream mall in new jersey for the opening of the first physical @MrBeastBurger location!! Jimmy Donaldson himself is going to be here working. hundreds of people chanting for him now
If you do one thing for the remainder of the year, invest in your self to build your brand and your community. How ever small, the road to monetization your outcomes starts with that.
One New Thing (that I learnt recently)
NFT? What NFT? Any thing can be monetized, if there is a buyer for a product. Le Violon d'Ingres (French for Ingres’s Violin) is a black-and-white photograph created by American visual artist Man Ray in 1924. It is one of his best-known photographs and of surrealist photography. The picture was first published in the Surrealist magazine Littérature in June 1924.It shows model Kiki de Montparnasse from the back, nude to below her waist, with two f-holes painted on to make her body resemble a violin.
What you should be Watching
Who Rules America: The Power of Wall Street | Financial Market | 25 Mins
Who Rules America: The Power of Wall Street | Financial Market | 25 Mins
Who Rules America? takes a comprehensive look into the governing system of the United States of America and reveals the behind-the-scene powers that rule the nation. There are two Americas; one in which people have freedom in choosing their leaders within the framework of the constitution living in the land of the free, and another, wherein all is dedicated to the ruling 1% and within which a hidden network of power governs including the media, Wall Street, the Military and Corporations.
Before you get into business in the US this is a must watch for you to get the “outside in” view of what really makes corporations tick.
Monetize your time
Harsh Makadia
Twitter has made me $10,000 in 400 days.

That's $25 per day.

Here's how I monetized my skills.

Passive Income Simplified ↓🧵
For every one that asks for examples. This is a profound thread. Read it, embody it.
1.Know your skills
2.Take Action
3.Get Feedback
4.Don’t Hurry, Marketing Matters
5.Establish Credibility
6.Launch Strategy for Paid Products
7.Use multiple platforms
8.Indirect wins of building
Made in Pakistan (Epic Journeys)
Audience poll. If you know of some thing unique made in Pakistan, please share away, just hit reply to this newsletter or DM me and share. For 75 weeks give or take I have shared some thing unique, we produce, produced, should produce. I am curious, what is out there in the expanse of the newsletter audience, that would make fore sharing for the next few weeks. If you share, and would like me to tag you for next week let me know.
Naveed Khan is a man on a mission — a mission to make Pakistan look great again. Khan, who now runs PakistanOnFoot, has completed what can only be termed an epic journey of three months from Khunjerab Pass to Karachi – on foot this was 2016. His full story here.
Starting Point of the Journey Khunjerab
Starting Point of the Journey Khunjerab
End of Journey Karachi
End of Journey Karachi
One last thing
The best, honest origin story with tips for founders who claim they don’t have any resources. You have resources, you just don’t know how to mobilize and monetize. Here is a story for you to take to heart.
Moiz Ali
I started Native Deodorant by actually buying deodorant sold on Etsy and then white-labeling it.

I don’t talk about this story often, but I think it is a good example of how scrappy entrepreneurs can be, and so wanted to share it.

Here’s the story:
Its smart as it is simple, by using Etsy to launch Native(his brand), he was able to place a small order (100) and get it in 1 week - instead of a factory that would demand 10,000 unit minimums, and take 4-6 months.
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Faizan Siddiqi

I have been fortunate to have mentored founders, established CEO's & students for about a decade, across the world. Every interaction has been an enriching experience for me personally. What I've observed , every one wants to do things FASTer. Be successful faster, be richer faster, do more faster, get to the end state faster. To grow FASTer you must learn to rely on small data, small acts & pick up on small nuances. Most people need a little push, contextually aware advice, directionality and a candid forum to learn from mistakes, perhaps their own but ideally from the mistake of others. This is an attempt to provide a safe space to answer the questions you don't ask in public and providing Go To Market Snippets on every day things, so you can truly Transform to your desired end-state, FASTer.

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