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FASTer - Issue #67
By Faizan Siddiqi • Issue #67 • View online
Readers, thank for waiting for this edition. The #Revue services were down. So this partially drafted news letter took some time to get out once the email list services got restored.
Being a millionaire is romanticized way more than it should be. But it sells. Rich people have no interest in teaching you what got them there. But it’s not very difficult to understand that cash flow is King. Some times that counter intuitive as cash flow alone may not help you hit millionaire status. Its cash flow plus exit multiples. Lets try to keep this simple. I want every one to stop dreaming of building unicorns and mega corporations, the path to financial freedom is way faster, cheaper and smarter, should you choose to indulge me.
Its as easy as building an app or a SaaS product even when you don’t know how to code. I will let you in on the secret. Once you can get MRR(Monthly Reoccurring Revenue- which is the predictable total revenue generated by your business from all the active subscriptions in a particular month)  to 20,000 USD$(Albeit not easy) but you are essentially in Millionaire category in dollar terms. You ask how?
$20,000 * 12 Months = Cashflow (240,000$) * 5x multiple(which is what a business in that space typically factors in for at the time of a sale) = $1,200,000 selling price.
Thats it. Not simple, but theres your path to making the big leagues. No one would tell you how to do it.
It could be SaaS, an APP, a Mailing list, Any kind of tech driven subscription or a Content play. Literally any thing. Once you have established cash flow thats what its worth. You could even build multiple such streams. Doesn’t have to be one. This EID, this is the path to (Earning In Dollars). Think about what your super power is and how you can build your own EIDe(Earning In Dollars Empire.)

I hear all kind of hacks, wake up at 5am, don’t watch shows, curtail your spending, make chai at home, economize, don’t splurge. All this advice is our equivalent of giving up Starbucks and avocado toast.
To that all I have to say is,
80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.
The real unlock is when you figure out which 20% to focus on.
This is why you can watch Netflix, eat avocado toast and drink Starbucks and still be a millionaire. The ones pitching this advice are just Hacks, ignore them.
The things is, a shitty map is still better than no map, true in life as is for hidden treasures. How you win at this is when you what you want. Thats your map, but before you get on with it:
• Understand what it takes
• Do the work. Day in. Day out
As the song goes:
And the hardest part
Was letting go not taking part
Was the hardest part
When you haven’t done hard things and won at them, you don’t have whats known as the “get shit done muscle”. It’s worse because our un learning abilities suck so back when we haven’t done the hard things, we keep on telling our selves, that things will be the same; they wont change, so we don’t unlearn and we don’t let our muscle develop.Do hard things, regularly. Thats a trick most people don’t tell you. We have a natural tendency to do the easy things first. Best to do the hard ones first.
For your outcomes to get better, find the right rooms. I think Ive shared this in the past, being in a room of people who are just content at the hand they have been dealt is the wrong room most days.
You will become (emotionally, intellectually, commercially) wealthy by learning from wealthy people.Get in the right rooms, easier said than done, no one can help you with this, network, reach out to people, be memorable, get invited, add value to peoples lives, show up, seek advice, people love the sound of their own voice. You will become wealthy when your friends/associates are focused on becoming wealthy. Build the right circle. You are who you surround yourself with. So don’t waste your time with people who don’t have ambition.
One New Thing That I Learnt Today
In the late 1990s, a cattle farmer was clearing land on his Texas ranch and decided to write his name in kilometer-tall letters, producing the worlds largest signature. NASA uses it to evaluate the resolution of cameras on satellites and the ISS. He had some level of ambition in doing some thing interesting and different and his reward clearly is NASA using his work.
Jimmie Luecke was a young Texas state trooper who left the highway patrol in 1980 to try his luck in the oil business. He was lucky enough to do so during the chalk oil boom, became a millionaire, and invested most of his profits in land outside the town of Smithville. He started raising cattle on it, and by the late 1990’s his heard had gotten so large that he needed to clear up some more of his land of trees for grazing. Only he didn’t just settle for bulldozing all the trees, he decided to write his name in the process, thus creating the world’s largest signature.
Boring stuff that Scales
I read this earlier. It’s dead simple yet literally no one does it. These are golden principles of relationship building. You do these right, you will meet the right people, be in the right conversation, be respected by the right people and always be memorable. It may sound boring, it may sound mundane, it may sound like the common sensical things we must do. But take it from me, we have forgotten the art of simple to scale. Do your self a favor and read this simple guide to scaling relationships.
Harris Fanaroff
Building relationships has the power to 10x your business.

Most people miss out on these 8 easy-to-implement ideas.

Begin doing these now:
What you should be Reading
Head Lion by Neil Peter.
Neil Peter Christy has two chapters in his life. He dropped out of engineering college to pursue his career in advertising. Within a year, he moved to Ogilvy as a copywriter. Ten years later, Neil started his advertising agency called Head Lion.
After many accolades, awards, and adventures, Neil began his second chapter ten years later. He moved to America, leaving behind a successful life in Karachi. Neil worked as a communication specialist, drove Uber, earned his Master’s degree in communication from George Mason University, and wrote his first novel.
This is by far one of the most interesting books Ive read this year.
Monetize your time
By investing in reading the right things. This is an excellent list of curated ideas(content theft), that you should be investing your time in. Some ones done the legwork, so you don’t have too.
Jason Levin
It's impossible to make completely original content.

We all steal ideas, but as Austin Kleon says, you must steal like an artist.

Here's 5 of my favorite content thieves 👇🏼
Made in Pakistan
From Tailor to Boxer. The story of a Boxer who fought adversity and no support from any one to be the best at what he does. How hard is your life? This is the stuff that we need to look to when we feel sorry for our selves, this young man decided to do what ever it takes.
Habib-ur-Rehman | Pakistan's #1  Boxer Who Became A Tailor To Achieve His Goal
Habib-ur-Rehman | Pakistan's #1 Boxer Who Became A Tailor To Achieve His Goal
One last thing
You can never sell your job, how ever you good you are at it, or how long or how little time you spend being best at it, but you can always sell your business/startup.
Invest in your self, invest in building a business. Any business.
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Faizan Siddiqi

I have been fortunate to have mentored founders, established CEO's & students for about a decade, across the world. Every interaction has been an enriching experience for me personally. What I've observed , every one wants to do things FASTer. Be successful faster, be richer faster, do more faster, get to the end state faster. To grow FASTer you must learn to rely on small data, small acts & pick up on small nuances. Most people need a little push, contextually aware advice, directionality and a candid forum to learn from mistakes, perhaps their own but ideally from the mistake of others. This is an attempt to provide a safe space to answer the questions you don't ask in public and providing Go To Market Snippets on every day things, so you can truly Transform to your desired end-state, FASTer.

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