Sunday Bits

By Fabio Rosato

Sunday Bits - September 5, 2021



Fabio Rosato
Fabio Rosato
Hi all!
Here’s your weekly dose of “Sunday Bits”, a short list of things I came across that I find interesting and would like to share with you guys.

1. Love this Twitter thread by @heyblake. It’s a tool collection for indie hackers and entrepreneurs. It features links to the makers of the tool, a short description of its intended use, and some references to people on Twitter that are actively teaching it.
Blake Emal
Your software toolbelt needs an upgrade.

Meet 50 wildly helpful tools for indie hackers:
2. I recently started using Readwise. It’s a tool that can aggregate all your highlights from books, ebooks, web articles, and tweets, and periodically propose them again to you so that you can review them (and not forget them). It’s spaced repetition for highlights and tweets 😍 They also have active recall features built-in 🤯 I’m loving it!
Here’s a link to get an extended 2-months free trial. They also offer a generous 50% discount for academia, non-profits, and other categories, if you decide to purchase it after the trial.
I’m finding Readwise a valuable ally for knowledge management, a topic I intend to deepen in one of my future posts.
3. My first (new) blog post about transitioning from WordPress to Ghost is live on my personal website 🥳 Check it out!
I actually enjoyed the process of writing it. And that makes me euphoric cause it’s proof that blogging on this new platform is actually sustainable for me, and thus it’s much more likely that I’m going to keep on doing it!
Sustainability is everything.
As always, please give me feedback on Twitter! It’d make my day to hear from you guys. Which thing above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions?
Do let me know! Just send a tweet to @fab_rosato and put #SundayBits at the end so I can find it.
Have a wonderful week!
Much love to you and yours,
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Fabio Rosato
Fabio Rosato @fab_rosato

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