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Sunday Bits - September 19, 2021

Fabio Rosato
Fabio Rosato
Hi all!
Here’s your weekly dose of “Sunday Bits”, a short list of things I came across that I find interesting and would like to share with you guys.

1. This thread is a phenomenal collection of tips for great copywriting.
Each tweet is a nugget. And if you’re not following @GoodMarketingHQ, do yourself a favor and fix that right now. And activate the notifications. You don’t wanna miss his tweets. They’re that good!
2. I appreciated a lot an article - actually a newsletter - by Sahil Bloom (@SahilBloom) about his framework and tactics to learn things in the real world. It’s a great take on learning in the Information Age, covering modern sources like Reddit, Twitter, newsletters, podcasts, but also old-fashioned books. I’m definitely taking inspiration from it for my upcoming article about knowledge management.
3. Here’s a nice initiative I’m joining: Tweet100.
A terribly underrated hack for most things in life is a deceptively simple one: just showing up. Seriously. 90% of the story is just showing up. If you show up each and every day you’re leaps and bounds ahead of anybody who doesn’t.
And that’s exactly why I love this initiative by @jayclouse. A tweet a day for the next 100 days. From what I’ve heard an effective growth strategy for Twitter is simply to tweet consistently. This actually seems to be a constant across all the various social media platforms. And it makes perfect sense for them to encourage such behavior as their goal is for us to use the platform. So let’s see how this goes!
As always, please give me feedback on Twitter! It’d make my day to hear from you guys. Which thing above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions?
Do let me know! Just send a tweet to @fab_rosato and put #SundayBits at the end so I can find it.
Have a wonderful week!
Much love to you and yours,
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Fabio Rosato
Fabio Rosato @fab_rosato

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