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F-Suite - Away Day (Part 2)

Happy New Year! How's everyone 2021 starting off? I decided to extend my annual leave for one more we
F-Suite - Away Day (Part 2)
By Deborah Okenla • Issue #9 • View online
Happy New Year! How’s everyone 2021 starting off?
I decided to extend my annual leave for one more week so I’m officially back on the 11th of January 2021. Honestly, this OOO felt like the six week holiday you get between secondary school and university, and I’ve absolutely loved it. Note to self in 2021 … take more annual leave!

Going into 2021 I want to be more consistent and write bi-weekly newsletters, with more insight into my day to day runnings. In October 2020, I had my two-year CEO anniversary - I can’t believe how time has gone by so quickly, it felt like only yesterday when I updated my LinkedIn profile with the big C .. EO (I’m a big believer in owning this position, just because as women we’re expected to be everything else part from this!) However, this is not the only position I’m in - I’m also an Advisory Board Member, Consultant, and Angel Investor - and I want to provide more insight on managing all these hats, share a few things or two, but also learn from you!!
In the new year, I would love to host an online or in-person get-together with a few subscribers. Let me know if you would be interested in this, by replying to this issue.
As promised here’s part 2 to YSYS away day online. If you haven’t read part 1, you can do so here. On the day we covered strategy and infrastructure. Here’s how it went down
Day Two: Strategy and Infrastructure
1) Presentations. In 2020 we grew as a team, hired five people during the lockdown, and launched new services. As a result of our rapid evolution, we were all in need of a refresh. So to kick off the day I asked each team member to do a presentation, outlining/ask;
  • Their role
  • Their department
  • How their department works
  • How they see themselves working with others
  • Feedback
This ensured that everyone on the team had a good understanding of what each other got up to, their purpose, and how the smooth running of their departments is also critical to the success of their colleague’s departments.
2) Project Management: Every CEO’s dream is to have an A star team. I’m lucky enough to have this and believe it is super important to consistently invest in their learning and development. So in the afternoon, we brought in a PMO, to provide some insights into effective project management.
I’m currently reading Andy Grove, former chairman and CEO of Intel book High Output Management, which has come highly recommended (let me know if you’ve read this or are going to)
In Chapter Two Grove highlights the below steps, as key to effective management;
  1. Define in advance exactly what information needs to be gathered and presented at each stage of the planning process.
  2. Lay down who is responsible for what, the timeline,s, and milestones.
He mentions by spending time in the planning stages you will ultimately eliminate any confusion and ambiguity. So in short, project manage the project management to optimize efficiency and success!!
3) OGSM: One of my favorite sessions!!! I’d been meaning to bring the team together to define our OGSM, as suggested by one of my brilliant Advisors Cristiana Camisotti, so was super excited about hosting this session.
OGSM stands for objective, goals, strategies, and measures. It’s a way of defining what you want to achieve, and how you will get there. OGSM is similar to OKRs, however, OGSM takes it one step further to identify the specific initiatives to be implemented in order to hit the metrics and achieve the objective.
For the session, we first ran through what an OGSM is. We then worked in pairs to define our respective departments OGSM, next we reviewed this as individuals and then came back as a group to discuss, review, and provide feedback. Since this session we now have a lot more clarity about the strategic direction of YSYS and when in doubt of certain activities, are able to tie this back to our OGSM, asking whether this helps us reach our overall objective
4) RNB Quiz
To end the day, we played an RNB Quiz and brought out the glasses virtually. This was a fun way to end the day. S/o to Hemant who was crowned RNB Quiz Master :)

Hope you enjoyed this issue. As always .. let me know how you get on by using the hashtag #FSuite.
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