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Amazon and HPE had separate slumber parties and it's officially $10k week

Ajit Pai is still planning on destroying the Internet as we know it. That's the bad news. On the othe
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Amazon and HPE had separate slumber parties and it's officially $10k week
By Joe Rodgers • Issue #12 • View online
Ajit Pai is still planning on destroying the Internet as we know it. That’s the bad news. On the other hand, HPE Discover and AWS re:Invent 2017 happened this week so you know what that means…. lot’s of headlines on the enterprise side. While OEM conventions are cool, the coolest of all the cool news was watching Bitcoin surge past $10k.
Everyone I talked to was hyped about this, mainly because I was the one who brought it up and I was hyped. I decided to build a mining rig and will be documenting the journey over on Side Notes.
***Spoiler alert, not much to see at this point because of a bad motherboard.***
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Infrastructure 3.0: Building blocks for the AI revolution
Microsoft to rebuild its Seattle HQ as battle of the tech mega campuses heats up | VentureBeat
Providing 5G connections will be expensive but service providers are rushing to be able to meet demand when it’s generally available. So what’s the real business value of 5G? Ben at Cisco thinks it’s all about scale and cost savings in the long run.
New Artificial Muscles Lift 1000 Times Their Own Weight
Then Elon had to go and tweet this scary ish:
Google may reunite with Nest as it takes on Amazon
Here’s a good snippet from the article:
Is your goal to be the company that provides the infrastructure and leads this new industrial revolution?
Absolutely. We are already number one in IT infrastructure in the world. We see a huge build-out in infrastructure because of the intelligence that’s embedded in all of these objects. We think edge computing will be many, many times bigger than what you’d think of as a cloud – whether it’s a private cloud or public cloud or hybrid.
Gaming industry growing faster than expected, up 10.7% to $116 billion
SUSE Advances Kubernetes Integration with Cloud Foundry
Developers use 750 Raspberry Pi boards as supercomputing testbed
AWS Fargate lets you run containers without managing infrastructure
Here’s the quote in context, slightly less vom worthy:
What do you think about blockchain?
It’s really interesting and we spend a fair bit of time looking at blockchain. We’ve had a lot of partners and customers building blockchains on top of AWS and services for others to use on AWS. We are watching it carefully. We talk to customers, and they are very interested in the concept, but we don’t yet see a lot of practical use cases using blockchain. We don’t build technology because we think the technology is cool, we only build it if we think we can solve a specific customer problem, where building that service will solve the problem. So far, with the vast majority of use cases, there are other ways to solve those problem more easily.
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VMware expands AWS partnership with new migration and disaster recovery tools
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Amazon unveils DeepLens, a $249 camera for deep learning
OneSphere Will Result In Up To 40 Percent Cost Savings Through Multi-Cloud Management
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Major battle develops as AWS and HPE reshape IT
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Bitcoin tops $11,000, but fades after sharp rally | VentureBeat
Japanese bitcoin exchange bitFlyer is coming to the U.S
100 cryptocurrencies described in four words or less
Coinbase ordered to report 14,355 users to the IRS
New Hedge Fund From Mike Arrington Will Be Valued in Ripple
Nokia denies that it's offering to buy Juniper Networks
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