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June 26 · Issue #22 · View online

Exchange Invest is a unique information resource combining the day’s stories in a newsletter for investors in exchanges/financial markets infrastructure.

Exchange Invest was founded by former exchange CEO and author of the first bestselling book of fintech (“Capital Market Revolution!” FT 1999) Patrick L Young. Monday through Friday our daily paid subscriber email discusses the business of bourses of all kinds across the world.
This weekly edition is a magazine of broader macro topics as well as including our free weekly podcast which reviews the highlights of the week in the world’s market structure.
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On this day in 1999, Reuters reported that Dick Grasso met with Colombian rebels, the FARC, in an article entitled “NYSE Chief Meets Top Colombia Rebel Leader.”
PLY: Presumably Grasso donned the same bullet proofed jacket he memorably wore to meet the likes of those falangists, the TSX management around the same time…
Big World
From Exchange Invest 2082 Tuesday, June 22nd:
Out there beyond Bigworld in the big wide outer space-y thing that surrounds Earth, the Hubble Telescope has been having a blue screen of death week. It’s one of those tricky issues where the payload computer was first designed in 1974 for a miniframe. While refined before heading into space, the NSSC-1 nonetheless represented fairly old (but proven) tech when Hubble launched April 24th 1990. Suffice to say if only we could go to conferences, there’s a sporting chance we could get a fitbit clone with more computing power as a freebie.
Naturally, the tricky part is getting it into low earth orbit with a couple of astronauts to help upgrade the system - this falls outside many AAA plans. However apparently there is a back up computer on Hubble which may yet be called into service.
In Episode 1 I am talking Fluconomics - enjoy!
In Episode 1 I am talking Fluconomics - enjoy!
In response to various requests, we’ve taken the IPO-VID LiveStream series and recast it as a podcast for posterity. It’s already on several leading Podcast directories 
with more to follow.
This week we’re back to last year when PLY talks to himself… we invented the guest format for the following week with less schizophrenic undertones.
EI Weekly Podcast 100
No foreign bidders please, we’re Australian.
NYMEX is in peril and the CME in acute danger as West Texas Intermediate is reborn and Cushing WTI looks more obsolete than ever…
And a happy FinTech story, where an oil major forced the blob to pay dividends more efficiently
Now Online
Series 6 Episode 6- IPO-VID Livestream 036
Beyond digital currency into derivatives, financial markets and regulation
Dubbed “CryptoDad” for his celebrated call on Congress to respect a new generation’s interest in cryptocurrency, the Honorable J. Christopher Giancarlo served as 13th Chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  
Considered one of “the most influential individuals in financial regulation” Giancarlo also served as a member of the US Financial Stability Oversight Committee, the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, and the Executive Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions. 
Giancarlo is Senior Counsel to the international law firm, Willkie Farr & Gallagher. He is also a board director, advisor, and angel investor in numerous technology and financial services companies. In addition, Giancarlo is a co-founder of the Digital Dollar Project, a not-for-profit initiative to advance exploration of a US Central Bank Digital Currency. @GiancarloMKTShat space doesn’t permit…
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Podcasts This Week
Arab News
Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer winning historian of the oil industry, tells Frank Kane why the world will always need oil.
Victory or Death
20 years on from the first fintech bestseller “Capital Market Revolution!“… "Victory Or Death” is a must-read book for anyone interested in the intersection of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and FinTech as part of the whole future of finance.
Parish Notes
The big news of the week was all about the Cushing Crisis looking to be resolved. Albeit that involves the disintermediation of the aged contract on CME by a new ICE contract backed by leading storage suppliers and benefitting from Houston settlement where EI has long argued a benchmark WTI future ought to settle due to a multitude of reasons, 492 million nearby barrels of storage amongst them…
We had a lot more analysis on the topic for subscribers this week - if you are reading this and are not an EI Daily subscriber, ping us an email and we can sign you up.
Macro Thoughts
PLY: Whisper it softly, Covid is actually going away but the media and government don’t want you to know that… Or as a magnificent Matt cartoon in the Telegraph notes a bride stating, “We’re having 30 guests at the reception plus 2500 FIFA officials.” (Matt cartoons) while his TV studio newsreader earnestly states (ahead of a big soccer match) “Based on the data, we expect Germany to score between 500 and 700 goals against England on Tuesday.”
Brexit: Done
Happy Brexit Day - which we celebrated June 23rd - the anniversary of the referendum.
Meanwhile if you want to hear what PLY had to say the next day (June 24, 2016): ‘Here’s The twist’ - Patrick Young Shares Optimism About UK Economy
Of Interest
BBC News
In 2016 North Korean hackers planned a $1bn raid on Bangladesh’s national bank.
After 14 years, “The Black Swan” remains freshly provocative, more of an opening argument and thought exercise than a fixed rule about the “highly improbable.”
American media blamed the massive collapse of Albanian pyramid schemes in 1997 on greedy small-time investors unschooled in the free market.
Last Word
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Have a great week in life and markets!
Copyright © 2021 The Frontier Financier, All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2021 The Frontier Financier, All rights reserved.
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