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April 24 · Issue #13 · View online

Exchange Invest is a unique information resource combining the day’s stories in a newsletter for investors in exchanges/financial markets infrastructure.

Exchange Invest was founded by former exchange CEO and author of the first bestselling book of fintech (“Capital Market Revolution!” FT 1999) Patrick L Young. Monday through Friday our daily paid subscriber email discusses the business of bourses of all kinds across the world.
This weekly edition is a magazine of broader macro topics as well as including our free weekly podcast which reviews the highlights of the week in the world’s market structure.
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On this day in 2008, the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange (ECX) launched in Addis Ababa.
Modern Diplomacy
PLY: Putin’s withdrawal this week marks an interesting shuffle - he got taken seriously by President Biden and that probably achieved his domestic aims of being seen as a top tier leader and pushing the health of imprisoned dissident Alexei Navalny off the front pages.
This Tuesday - Season Five of IPO-VID
Series 5 Episode 5 - IPO-VID Livestream 029
The Man From Messy Times Returns
A board member of North American Nickel (TSX.V:NAN) amongst other mining companies, Christopher Messina is a markets-focused executive and entrepreneur with deep, international experience in the global capital markets, private equity, technology and commodities…
Christopher is the co-founder and CEO of CrowdFill LLC and an advisor to Digital Gamma, the first prime brokerage service for professional traders to access cryptocurrency markets. He began his fintech career as part of the team that created BrokerTec at Goldman Sachs.
Perhaps appropriately for financial markets, he has an AB in Anthropology from the University of Chicago, and an MBA in Finance & Strategy from the Australian Graduate School of Management. A contributing author to Shari'ah Compliant Private Equity: A Primer for the Executive (Euromoney Books, 2010), he has lectured on derivatives, hedge funds, Shar'iah finance and artificial intelligence at law schools and conferences globally.
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Now Online - Season Five of IPO-VID
Series 5 Episode 4 - IPO-VID Livestream 028
Bitcoin: To Infinity & Beyond?
CEO and Co-Founder of CoinRoutes, David Weisberger, has over 35 years of experience in market structure, quantitative finance, and trading automation. He started his career at Morgan Stanley where he built their first program and electronic trading systems. Subsequently, he started the non-dollar program trading desk for Salomon Brothers and became the global architect of the firm’s equity trading platform where he designed their first trading algorithm and quantitatively managed central risk book, later running their smart order routing business before joining Two Sigma to develop and run their wholesale market making. 
Most recently, Mr. Weisberger was the global head of equity market structure and quantitative equity products for IHS Markit.
CoinRoutes provides algorithmic trading and consolidated market data products for digital assets across multiple exchanges and liquidity providers.
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EI Weekly Podcast 091
London Stock Exchange group double down. Is ISS independent?
The UK curtails method two, and results are mixed as interactive brokers on NASDAQ display classy performances. 
Victory or Death
Available worldwide.
Available worldwide.
COVID-19 is a killer, can it kill your career, or is that the impact of fintech destroying your business? It’s a “Victory or Death” world of risk and opportunity…
20 years on from the first fintech bestseller “Capital Market Revolution!“… "Victory Or Death” is a must read for anyone interested in the intersection of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech as part of the whole future of finance.
Podcasts This Week
Parish Notes
By Friday morning, even on a fully diluted basis, Coinbase was no longer at the top of Young’s pyramid of Exchanges with the value dropping to circa $65 billion in early trading.
Macro Thoughts
Brexit: Done
Wolfgang Munchau, EuroIntelligence
PLY: A splendid precis of many issues pertaining to Brexit noting regulatory capture and much else besides. 
“Welcome to the widget school of economics. It is about things and containers, geography and manufacturing supply chains, the stuff of the 20th-century economy. What it ignores is that events and technologies intrude. In the future, we will not only be trading different products, but an increasing proportion of trade will come in the form of data.”
  • As author Wolfgang Munchau notes.
Of Interest
South China Morning Post
New York Post
The Verge
The CEO also got an additional $10 million to put toward security personnel and other security costs. The cost of base security was up to $13.4 million.
South China Morning Post
Quotes one Patrick L Young… drawing on his CapX article: Is Coinbase The Future – Or A Digital South Sea Bubble?
E. Schatzker, S. Natarajan & K. Burton, Bloomberg Businessweek
Before he lost his $20bn fortune, Bill Hwang was the financial whale who never broke the surface. By using swaps instead of owning assets, his company Archegos never appeared in regulatory filings. When it blew up leaving a trail of destruction, financiers realised his investment strategy was strikingly simple.
Anthony Tan is set to dramatically increase his control over his company Grab when the south-east Asian tech group joins Nasdaq later this year.
Dell Technologies, the computer company he founded in his University of Texas dorm room, was suffering from falling PC demand and its stock was languishing…
Bloomberg Law
The New Yorker
South China Morning Post
PLY: Classic car owners may have a last laugh as modern vehicle production lines are already slowing down if not entirely furloughed in places.
Last Word
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Copyright © 2021 The Frontier Financier, All rights reserved.
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