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April 17 · Issue #12 · View online

Exchange Invest is a unique information resource combining the day’s stories in a newsletter for investors in exchanges/financial markets infrastructure.

Exchange Invest was founded by former exchange CEO and author of the first bestselling book of fintech (“Capital Market Revolution!” FT 1999) Patrick L Young. Monday through Friday our daily paid subscriber email discusses the business of bourses of all kinds across the world.
This weekly edition is a magazine of broader macro topics as well as including our free weekly podcast which reviews the highlights of the week in the world’s market structure.
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On this day in 2015, shares of Etsy, an online arts and crafts retailer which resembles an exchange, closed at $30 per share after opening on NASDAQ at $16.
Reaching The Future
From Exchange Invest 2022 Monday April 12th:
So we’ve hit the ‘future!’ This is it, no looking back, 2021 issues of exchange Invest and we’ve caught up with the clock all before we celebrate our 8th birthday in a month’s time.
What started with an examination of the greatest Porsche models in the 900’s graduated to some interesting car stats and engine capacities before settling down with history to guide through the middle ages to the present, often somewhat peripatetically.
Of course it could be fun to plot the Jetsonian future but then again it could end up like one of those polyester kitsch-fest tv series where they had nuclear powered cars, whacky hair (hey with lockdown, don’t we all nowadays, no sci fi required?) and memorably in the British drama UFO, the typing pool remained. With typewriters. Ahem. So let’s not get too overwrought, the future is brought to life in PLY pith elsewhere.
Here’s the plan going forward - we’ll be reviewing history but from the perspective of the day in question and delving into financial history. One snippet per day pertaining to markets (mostly)… I hope you enjoy what are a myriad of financial events many of which you may recall, many perhaps not…
…on which note, many readers spotted a coincidence in Wednesday’s issue when we noted April 14th was the 301st anniversary of the South Sea Company IPO being launched… which coincided with the 2021 DPO of Coinbase. Make of that what you will!
From Exchange Invest 2022 Monday April 12th:
It’s a big thing and won’t have escaped your notice. Where BigWorld often seeks to adopt stories which may not be the headline perspective, mega macro needs to have our spin on it too. Thus it would be impossible not to comment on the passing of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Phillip was - even amongst the many great men and women who gave a lifetime of service during the 20th century - something special.
A man of action, mentioned in despatches during World War 2, he was also noted for some marvellously pithy one liners which PLY has studied intently. He officially retired at the age of 96 from public life having first joined the Royal Navy aged 18. What a career, what a history, what a man. RIP.
PS PLY: I like the Land Rover hearse, a fitting tribute designed by HRH for his own funeral who famously when asked how he would like to be buried told the Queen “oh just stick me in the back of a Land Rover and drive me to Windsor!”
The funeral is today, Saturday at 1530 London time today.
This Tuesday - Season Five of IPO-VID
Series 5 Episode 4 - IPO-VID Livestream 028
Bitcoin: To Infinity & Beyond?
CEO and Co-Founder of CoinRoutes, David Weisberger, has over 35 years of experience in market structure, quantitative finance, and trading automation. He started his career at Morgan Stanley where he built their first program and electronic trading systems. Subsequently he started the non-dollar program trading desk for Salomon Brothers, and became the global architect of the firm’s equity trading platform where he designed their first trading algorithm and quantitatively managed central risk book, later running their smart order routing business before joining Two Sigma to develop and run their wholesale market making. 
Most recently, Mr. Weisberger was the global head of equity market structure and quantitative equity products for IHS Markit.
CoinRoutes provides algorithmic trading and consolidated market data products for digital assets across multiple exchanges and liquidity providers.
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Now Online - Season Five of IPO-VID
Series 5 Episode 3 - IPO-VID Livestream 027
Distributing Blockchain Globally
Sandra Ro is CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council and a director of Global Digital Finance, having been an early investor in crypto assets.
Formerly with CME Group, she headed their FX & Metals Research & Product Development amongst other functions which included architecting the CME CF Bitcoin pricing indices, leading to CME Bitcoin Futures. Sandra was a founding member of The Linux Foundation–Hyperledger, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance & Post Trade Distributed Ledger Group. 
…For those who see a bilateral discussion on the next IPO-VID, it’s clear Sandra has deep decentralisation running through her bloodstream.
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EI Weekly Podcast 090
Warsaw Stock Exchange Celebrates 30 years Coinbase Tops Young’s Pyramid (albeit disappointingly), Bernie Madoff dies and Gary Gensler is confirmed SEC Chairman as Coinbase lists on the 301st anniversary of the South Sea stock IPO beginning. 
At least one of these is surely a sign of things to come?
Victory or Death
Available worldwide.
Available worldwide.
COVID-19 is a killer, can it kill your career, or is that the impact of fintech destroying your business? It’s a “Victory or Death” world of risk and opportunity…
20 years on from the first fintech bestseller “Capital Market Revolution!“… "Victory Or Death” is a must read for anyone interested in the intersection of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech as part of the whole future of finance.
Parish Notes
Coinbase dominated much of the discussion. More data was in Exchange Invest but you can always read a precise of PLY’s analysis on the Centre for Policy Studies’s CapX website: Is Coinbase The Future – Or A Digital South Sea Bubble?
Macro Thoughts
The UK has long been supposedly a major hotspot for Covid death but as I have not tired of noting, having some form of Covid infection then dying (e.g. from falling out of a tree) is unfortunate but not causality. 
UK number crunchers finally began to acknowledge this farce and chopped a quarter off the Uk death toll from the disease… which BTW further underlines just how ludicrously hysterical folks were about its mortality rate before the first round of lockdowns.
Of Interest
Nile Gardiner, The Daily Signal
The Guardian
Arab News
Screen Rant
PLY: Make Warcraft not war is a new US diplomatic protocol.
Yahoo Finance
PLY: Games may be US diplomatic policy, GameStop ravaged at least one hedge fund.
iPhone in Canada
PLY: This week’s #FirstWorldProblemsResolved feature.
Discover Magazine
PLY: Which reminds me check out last week’s brilliant IPO-VID LiveStream with Sandra Ro and check in for Dave “Coinroutes” Weisberger this Tuesday 1900 CET.
South China Morning Post
PLY: Digital dream = decentralised money. 
Central bankers (post palpitations) are fighting a brilliant rearguard action to keep their money monopoly.
Welcome to CBDC.
And while the deal was minuscule – totaling a mere $300,000 – its success late last year has triggered a wave of interest…
Buenos Aires Times
In Argentina, financial markets are all but dead. From stocks to bonds to traditional foreign-exchange venues, trading volumes are razor thin. Except…
Before he lost his $20bn fortune, Bill Hwang was the financial whale who never broke the surface. By using swaps instead of owning assets, his company Archegos never appeared in regulatory filings. When it blew up leaving a trail of destruction, financiers realised his investment strategy was strikingly simple.
Last Word
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Copyright © 2021 The Frontier Financier, All rights reserved.
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