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Exchange Invest Weekend: We're Leaving Revue


Exchange Invest

July 17 · Issue #25 · View online

Exchange Invest is a unique information resource combining the day’s stories in a newsletter for investors in exchanges/financial markets infrastructure.

Exchange Invest was founded by former exchange CEO and author of the first bestselling book of fintech (“Capital Market Revolution!” FT 1999) Patrick L Young. Monday through Friday our daily paid subscriber email discusses the business of bourses of all kinds across the world.
This weekly edition is a magazine of broader macro topics as well as including our free weekly podcast which reviews the highlights of the week in the world’s market structure.
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We're Leaving Revue
We're Leaving Revue
On this day in 1955, Disneyland opened in Anaheim California, with Ronald Reagan hosting a live ABC Special, creating the first major destination theme park. 
We're Leaving Revue
Thank you so much for subscribing to our Revue newsletter. It has been fun but actually, almost everybody prefers reading our stuff via email or on Medium. To that end, we are phasing out this Revue format.
Therefore, may I ask you to sign up to our Saturday email list instead? The Saturday email is free just like the Revue version, covering the same mix of topics.
Big World
From Exchange Invest 2099: Monday, July 12th:
While there was palpable disappointment in Valletta last evening that England lost to Italy in the European football, there was at least a sense of widespread relief in Malta that previous more important conflicts with the Axis powers were not resolved on penalties, like soccer.
Meanwhile, Richard Branson reaches the edges of outer space in his own spacecraft, returns successfully, and for some reason… Britain pretty much fails to notice.
In Episode 4: “The View from The Exchange Eminence Grise”
In Episode 4: “The View from The Exchange Eminence Grise”
In IPO-VID Podcast Episode 4 I discuss “The View from The Exchange Eminence Grise” with Martin Watkins - enjoy!”
Available via all the usual podcast sources
Now Online - Season Seven of IPO-VID
Series 7 Episode 1- IPO-VID Livestream 037
The Word from Subscriber #1
Dr Barnes is Group Head of Securities Trading at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and CEO of Turquoise, the UK Swiss & European share trading platform majority owned by LSEG that currently links to 20 country and international settlement destinations. Prior to joining LSEG in 2013, Dr Barnes worked at UBS in various roles, including as a Managing Director, Equities, and founding CEO of UBS MTF. His industry roles include having served as Chairman of the Securities Trading Committee of the London Investment Banking Association and participated on a wide range of key advisory and policy groups within the financial services sector, including UK FSA’s Capital Markets Senior Practitioner Committee and European Commission’s Clearing and Settlement Expert Group. Robert holds a BA from Harvard, a PhD from Cambridge, and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.
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EI Weekly Podcast 103
The Gensler SEC seems to have found a fascinating line for their SPAC attack using a conflict of interest approach. 
Are the cuts to Binance - only a flesh wound?
And Matt Chamberlain notes “Je ne Ring-grette Rien”
In a week when the LSEG  sets a technology and fintech listing record.
Victory or Death
20 years on from the first fintech bestseller “Capital Market Revolution!“… "Victory Or Death” is a must-read book for anyone interested in the intersection of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and FinTech as part of the whole future of finance.
Parish Notes
Perhaps the most interesting ongoing story of the week remains the constant noose tightening around apparently itinerant - or is that what they mean by decentralised? - crypto exchange Binance.
Macro Thoughts
America opening, Australia and New Zealand turning the antipodes into a version of North Korea. Death is not a big thing but the panic industry continues to hold the likes of the UK under its nefarious suzerainty. See also The Spectator’s cover story this week: Nanny Boris: The PM’s Alarming Flight From Liberalism.
Brexit: Done
Now the dust is settling, it’s interesting to reflect that by the June 30th deadline, more than 5 million EU citizens had applied for settled status in the UK. Intriguingly this means more people have opted to stay in the UK than were actually believed to be EU citizens living in the UK in the first place!
Food for thought on so many levels.
Of Interest
Last Word
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Copyright © 2021 The Frontier Financier, All rights reserved.
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