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#3 growth newsletter - Thailand

Sawadee khap! September flew by. This month I've been working and relaxing from Thailand. I've worked

Ewoud Uphof

October 6 · Issue #3 · View online
Life experiments from a digital nomad and serial entrepreneur. Applying my background in growth hacking and a BA in philosophy to personal growth.

Sawadee khap!
September flew by. This month I’ve been working and relaxing from Thailand. I’ve worked in a co-working space in Chiang Mai for a week and then went to Bangkok to meet a friend for 2 weeks of holiday. We’ve been to the islands of Koh Tao, Ko Panghang and Koh Samui. I got licensed as an advanced open water diver with a really nice night dive. Next to that I had my first Muay Thai lesson (above the water). I’ve also read a lot.
Life is good in Asia.

Working remotely
In Chiang Mai I was working from the co-working space Punspace. When my friend arrived, I didn’t work much. Project management and pushing projects forward (at the already steep growth rate) while creating long term growth are our most challenging topics at the moment. Jack is working from London and has found a nice place to work in the British Museum. Next issue I’ll highlight Mary who was working from Vietnam and is now in Malaysia.
Our head of marketing Jack is working from the British Museum in London.
What I've been working on
Vlad has joined at the product manager for Conversiongym and we’ll launch a Groupon campaign the coming weeks in the Netherlands. We will also be featured in Sprout next month. For Coveryou, Cafe Couture and Hotelgift we’re working on a complete overhaul of their websites. So a lot of work behind closed curtains but necessary for the growth we have planned.
I’ve been reading a lot about life, goals and motivation. I’ve read the very interesting book ’Tuesdays with Morrie’ with lessons about life. It humbled me to read the words of this old professor. Next to that I’ve read 7 personality types which can be interesting within teams (and relationships). I’m re-reading The Obstacle is the Way and through the author of this book, Ryan Holiday, I’ve stumbled upon this great blog: My good friend Thomas gave me the book ’The Path’ about Chinese philosophy with a very different view on daily life.
Interesting world views have come by me and I must say some have changed some of my thoughts. Next stop is Vietnam for delicious food and kitesurfing.
Keep growing,
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