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✎ Issue #9 - Will A.I. Disappear | Alien Intelligence & Chess


A.I. and Blockchain - Better Together!

December 10 · Issue #9 · View online

➥ Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain insights to fast-track your business growth today.

“In five years artificial intelligence could exist as a layer of capability atop every business process, from customer service and marketing to product development and sales, across every industry.”                 - Erin Griffith, “It’s Time to Take AI Seriously”

➥ Will A.I. "Disappear" Into Mere Automation Features
Google Brings New A.I. Features to Sheets
MIT Technology Review - Google Automates Away Some Office Work“A milder view suggests that jobs will be radically changed, but not eradicated, as software takes over certain tasks. A study from McKinsey published in January predicted that half of today’s workplace tasks could be automated by 2055—but that only 5 percent of jobs would no longer need humans at all.”
➥ How To A.I.
How to Spot a Machine Learning Opportunity, Even If You Aren’t a Data Scientist
“Having an intuition for how machine learning algorithms work – even in the most general sense – is becoming an important business skill. Machine learning scientists can’t work in a vacuum; business stakeholders should help them identify problems worth solving and allocate subject matter experts to distill their knowledge into labels for datasets, provide feedback on output, and set the objectives for algorithmic success.”
➥ A.I. = "Alien Intelligence"
Alpha Zero’s “Alien” Chess Shows the Power, and the Peculiarity, of AI
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