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✎ Issue #16 - The Risk of Centralized A.I.


A.I. and Blockchain - Better Together!

August 29 · Issue #16 · View online

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“The future is here - it’s just not evenly distributed.“
—William Gibson

A.I. is the “Single most powerful force of our time.”
Interview with Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang
What is Decentralization? - by George Polzer
The Myth of Decentralization & Risk of Centralized A.I.
by George Polzer
by George Polzer
Product Review: Is it Artificial Intelligence? - This startup's 'AI' to build your apps is just a bunch of human devs
According to a report by Pitchbook, AI startups raised an astounding $31 billion last year. What’s more, the number of startups with ‘ai’ in their domain name doubled over the same period. Because of the rising trend, some startups may lie about their AI capabilities in order to get money and customers. That would mean that a company with genuine capabilities might miss out on a funding opportunity altogether., an Indian startup claiming to have built an artificial intelligence-assisted app development platform, is not in fact using AI to literally build apps, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Instead, the company is reportedly relying mostly on human engineers, while using hype around AI to attract customers and investment.
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