A.I. and Blockchain - Better Together!

By George Polzer

➥ Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain insights to fast-track your business growth today.

➥ Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain insights to fast-track your business growth today.

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✎ Issue #17 - We don't fly the way birds fly



✎ Issue #16 - The Risk of Centralized A.I.

According to a report by Pitchbook, AI startups raised an astounding $31 billion last year. What’s more, the number of startups with ‘ai’ in their domain name doubled over the same period. Because of the rising trend, some startups may lie about their AI capa…


✎ Issue #15 - A.I. and Being a Beginner Again

Upwise.io: No product reviews available yet. Founded 2017. Six employees. Compelling website message but how can you tell if it's AI? I am currently subscribing to Upwise for "Payment System" competitive intelligence research for my client.Crayon.co: Product …


✎ Issue #14 - Cyprus Blockchain Summit

It was organized by IMH to help inform businesses of the latest trends and developments in blockchain, and how this new disruptive and exciting technology can assist.There was an array of speakers from within Cyprus and from abroad including Professor George …


✎ Issue #13 - A.I. Still Can't Distinguish Correlation from Causation

➨ One of the most basic tenets of statistics is that correlation does not imply causation. In turn, a signal’s predictive power does not necessarily imply in any way that that signal is actually related to or explains the phenomena being predicted.


✎ Issue #12 - Harnessing Graph Database+AI for Blockchain

Why Graph Databases for the A.I. Blockchain & IoT Programmable Economy?


✎ Issue #11 - Why "Together is Better!"

Compelling Ai vs. Blockchain Infographic: Yin vs. Yang, Guess vs. Record Reality, Probabilistic vs. Deterministic


✎ Issue #10 - A.I. Events 2018 | Is it AI?

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✎ Issue #9 - Will A.I. Disappear | Alien Intelligence & Chess

MIT Technology Review - Google Automates Away Some Office Work"A milder view suggests that jobs will be radically changed, but not eradicated, as software takes over certain tasks. A study from McKinsey published in January predicted that half of today’s work…


✎ Issue #8 - MIT A.I. Executive Education & Collective Intelligence

Synonyms: Crowd Computing, Augmented & Amplified Intelligence, Human Augmentation, Swarm Intelligence, AI for Crowdsourcing/Crowdsourcing for AI, Wisdom of Crowds...


✎ Issue #7 - A.I. Without Human Training | Part 1

◆ Earlier this year H&R Block partnered with IBM to use Watson to "Reinvent Tax Preparation" Read More ◆ Google is now offering access to its plug and play, job search machine learning capabilities that Ai enables the entire recruiting ecosystem:1) Applic…


✎ Issue #6 - What Took The A.I. Revolution So Long?



✎ Issue #5 - A.I. Bubble? | Microsoft Excel Now A.I. Enabled

In issue #4 I referenced articles touting that "Out-of-the-box", "Vertical Ai" one-stop-shop commercial solutions were "coming into view." The below article puts A.I. advancement into a different perspective; "Too many VCs and big company VPs, are funneling m…


✎ Issue #4 - Out-of-the-box Ai Ready | The Ai Verticalization

In the future, will it be better if you know how to train a Machine Learning (ML) algorithm or, become an expert that understands the out-of-the-box Ai vendor landscape for your industry, buy vs. build tradeoff and Ai solution vendor vetting process? Here are…


✎ Issue #3 - A.I. Marketing, What's an Algorithm & Show Me The Data

Out-of-the-box A.I. enabled marketing solutions is a saturated market. I currently track and profile 128 best-in-class such companies. "The hype machine is in full swing" per the first article below. Yet, same says "AI will undeniably be the intelligence back…


✎ Issue #2 - The Most Time-Consuming, Least Enjoyable Data Science Task

Food for Thought: "If company A has algorithms (software) that are manually improved by software engineers, and company B has Ai algorithms (software that can self-improve, ie, learns from data) at an increasing rate, company B wins." - Unknown Author


✎ Issue #1 - The 3rd or 4th Industrial Revolution? Taking Ai Seriously!

SUMMARY: Articles 1 & 2 below debate whether we are in the 3rd or 4th Industrial Revolution which is defined by "exponential growth rate" brought on by digital transformation. Regardless, Ai is a driving force of this rapid change and, as Andrew Ng, one o…