Shake It Off: The Newsletter

By Eva Holland

Shake It Off: The Newsletter

Shake It Off: The Newsletter

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A whole heap of news about NERVE!

A lot has happened since I last wrote from the frantic depths of book revisions. First of all, we finalized a title. In the British commonwealth, my book will go out into the world as Nerve: A Personal Journey Through the Science of Fear. In the United States…


Shake It Off: The Newsletter - #6

I'm afraid of a lot of things, but I've never been afraid of bears. Which is not to say I'm unaware of bears, or incautious about them - I live and run and hike and bike and camp and paddle in grizzly country, and so I make noise, carry bear spray, keep a cle…


Shake It Off: The Newsletter - #5

I'm gonna keep this update short, because I'm trying to spend most of the weekend away from my computer. But I'm so excited to have passed this first major milestone on the way to the book existing in the world! And - once I've had a bit of a breather - I am …


Shake It Off: The Newsletter - Issue #4

Someone once said, of a traumatized psychiatric patient: "This man is suffering from memories." Learning more about how our worst and scariest memories live on inside us has been one of the most grimly fascinating parts of working on this book.If you've known…


Shake It Off: The Newsletter - #3

I first got the idea for this book in late April 2016. At that time, my focus was really on how fear operates within each of us - on an individual level, rather than on a social or collective level. But, well, the world has changed in some unexpected ways sin…


Shake It Off: The Newsletter - #2

Something people ask me about a lot: Am I going to write in the book about facing my fear of writing the book?The answer is, probably not. That would be getting a bit too meta for me. But I do want to talk about it a bit here, because the FEAR IS REAL. With e…


Shake It Off: The Newsletter - #1

In the book, I will pair a personal narrative - my attempt to face and overcome, or at least renegotiate, my biggest fears - with a deep dive into the science of fear: how it works in our brains and our bodies, and what it means, in concrete terms, to "cure,"…