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A whole heap of news about NERVE!

A whole heap of news about NERVE!
By Eva Holland • Issue #7 • View online
Hi everyone! Well, I promised these newsletters wouldn’t arrive in your inboxes more than once a month, so… I guess I’ve stuck to that? My apologies for the long silence since early last summer!

A lot has happened since I last wrote from the frantic depths of book revisions. First of all, we finalized a title. In the British commonwealth, my book will go out into the world as Nerve: A Personal Journey Through the Science of Fear. In the United States, it will live as Nerve: Adventures in the Science of Fear. So far, it’s available from Allen Lane in Canada (as of April 7), the United Kingdom, and India; from Pantera Press in Australia and New Zealand (as of April 28); and from The Experiment in the USA (as of April 14).
The book has received kind reviews from Kirkus and Quill & Quire, been listed as one of Wired magazine’s must-reads for spring, and been included in CBC’s spring books preview. Lots more to come on the media front, I hope…
I also have a number of events in the works, across Canada and beyond, and I should have more information about those when I write again next month (for real this time). For now, I can say that I’ll be in Calgary for a Wordfest event on May 22; I’ll also have a magazine-writing event held the next morning. Tell your friends in southern Alberta!
Practical details about publication dates and promotional events aside, I have so far found this pre-publication period, between when I wrapped up my substantial edits late last summer and when the book will finally be out in the world, seven or eight months later, to be a challenging time. There were more lingering details to attend to than I realized: An index! Jacket copy! End notes! Figuring out how to pronounce all the trickier words in the book and passing that information along to the audiobook narrator! And while it’s been really exciting to watch that publication date draw nearer, it’s also, well, scary. I’m putting something pretty personal out there, and the fear of rejection or ridicule, which I was largely able to ignore while I was writing and revising, is now making itself known.
Good thing I’ve learned a thing or two about managing fear and anxiety through the process of writing this book, huh?
I won’t say too much more for now, but you can expect the return of monthly missives in April and May. In the meantime, I encourage you to consider pre-ordering Nerve from your local bookseller (ideally) or your online retailer of choice, or to request it at your local public library.
Thank you so much! As a certain Hollywood wizard recently said, “we’re in the endgame now.”
Fearfully yours,
ps: This month’s reading recommendation is Brandon Taylor’s essay, Fear Is A Prolonged Argument With the World.
(With apologies to the spider-averse)
(With apologies to the spider-averse)
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