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📑 Game plan

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📑 Game plan
By Eva Sydney Lee • Issue #2 • View online
Hey everyone! First of all, thanks for subscribing or checking this out! This was very scary to write, hopefully it’s fun to read. I’m still figuring out the format, so let me know what you think!
Planning is difficult
I’m not someone who can keep a big to-do list or a design document, I don’t enjoy writing them, and I love to ignore them when they get unmanageable. My planning process up until now was writing a few tasks right before, or even during development time. While that was working fine, I would have days where I’d struggle to think about my next goal.
Everything I do on the game is focused on getting the game to closer to complete. I started to think of it in stages, the first stage of completion could be “the player can finish a battle”, the next could be “the battle can be enjoyable” and so on. So I ended up writing down some of these stages, and wrote a few things that would be required for each one. This lives in a different document than the to-do list. I continue to write down a few tasks each work day, but now all the tasks are based around the goal of completing whatever the current stage is. I like this at the moment because I don’t have to keep a bunch of pointless tasks, I still know what to do, and everything is focused on high priority work.

Did some work too
A lot of work was focused on the enemies. I started applying some of the battle UI stuff I was working on, like the turn indicators, to enemy units. I worked on the battle ending gracefully when all the enemies have been defeated.
I also started working on code for the enemies’ unit phase. Unit phase is just what I’m calling the phase after the move phase, where each unit in a group can attack or do other things. This required reworking a little bit of code, which had never been a problem with this codebase until a few days ago…
Bugs! Enemy units randomly teleporting!
Bugs! Enemy units randomly teleporting!
Enemy units started behaving strangely. Teleporting to the player. Disappearing. I began to question the way I’ve been working on this game. I thought maybe I should have coded the entire battle system linearly, maybe it would have been easier to follow all the steps and I would have avoided making this mistake. I wasted two days on it, which isn’t a lot, but considering I work around one or two hours a day, and a few days a week, it’s tough to have unproductive days.
A few hours before writing this, I was finally able to fix it. I looked for all the references to code that could set an enemy unit’s position, found what the issue was, and got it done. The enemies now have a unit phase, where they do absolutely nothing yet. Next time, making the enemies fight back, so there’s actually some kind of challenge!
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