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EU AI Fund News - Issue #3

EU AI Fund News
Hi! We are back with the third edition of our newsletter. Today’s focus is on the Balkans 📰 as well as AI and the environment 🍃. We also gathered resources on COVID certificates 🦠 latest news on the EU AI regulation 📃, and an exciting update from the fund!🎉

Some news from us
We have an exciting update to share: our first annual report is out! The annual report outlines the fund’s past, current and future priorities. Since the fund launched in September 2020, we’ve launched two funding streams. Over the summer the fund’s Management Team took some time to look inward and further refine the fund’s mission, growth, convening and public voice. We aspire to work in the open as much as possible. That’s why we are working on a monitoring & evaluation framework that clearly sets out the fund’s objectives and allows external stakeholders to hold us to account. 
Focus: Digital Rights in the Balkans
Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting freedom of speech, human rights and democratic values in Southeast and Central Europe. As a pioneer in opening a regional debate on the issues related to digital rights violations and widely spread use of advanced technology, BIRN monitors, reports and issues policy briefs on key trends mapped in the region.
In Central Europe, Concern over Toll and Fairness of Amazon Algorithms | Balkan Insight
Playing War: Pitfalls and Potential of Video Games in the Balkans | Balkan Insight
Delete Profile: Online Abuse of Kosovo Women Costing Democracy | Balkan Insight
Focus: AI & the environment 🍃
We talked to Mute Schimpf from Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE), to find out more about how digital transformation affects the farming sector. What is AI’s role in the food sovereignty movement?
Interview with Mute Schimpf, Friends of the Earth Europe | European AI Fund
Meat Atlas: facts and figures about the animals we eat
COVID certificates 🦠
COVID-19 Pass Tracker: Monitoring Vaccine-, Immunity- And Test-Certificates In The EU |
Domestic COVID certificates: what does the evidence say? - AlgorithmWatch
Update: EU AI Regulation 📃
How to fix the EU Artificial Intelligence Act
Big Tech platforms are hurting us. 50 organisations urge the EU to #fixalgorithms | Panoptykon Foundation
UN calls for moratorium on facial recognition and other AI systems
More (tech) policy news 💻
What Does AI Know About Me? | Panoptykon Foundation
Preserve Evidence of Potential Rights Abuses in Afghanistan | Mnemonic
Algorithms of trauma. New case study shows that Facebook doesn’t give users real control over disturbing surveillance ads | Panoptykon Foundation
Open Letter: 48 organizations and cybersecurity experts call on the Belgian Government to halt legislation to undermine end-to-end encryption. – Global Encryption Coalition
New reports
Europe’s Wild West: damning new stats on Big Tech in Ireland
If AI is the problem, is debiasing the solution? - European Digital Rights (EDRi)
​Politics Compromised Privacy, Transparency In Germany’s Contact Tracing Apps: New Report |
COVID-19 Infrastructure Playbook
Upcoming events 🎤
Legal Seminar 2021 • PICUM
EPF Congress 2021 - Digital transformation of healthcare: The added value of patient partnerships
Public interest jobs on tech, tech policy / AI 👩🏾‍💻
Stay tuned for upcoming events and news!
Frederike and Alexandra
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EU AI Fund News

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