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Canada's First Crypto Bill 🇨🇦 + Upcoming Panel with Carolyn Wilkins 🎙️

Ether Capital Newsletter
Ether Capital Newsletter
It was a busy week for us at EthCap! Here’s what we’ve been up to and what caught our attention 👀 💡

The spotlight 🔦 was on Canada 🇨🇦 this week in terms of crypto regulation.
It's Your Move, Canada 🍁
MP for the Conservative Party, Michelle Rempel, tabled the country’s first cryptocurrency bill 📜 on Wednesday that shows support for the fast-growing industry.
Why this matters
It puts into perspective just how transformative this emerging technology can be by drawing in billions of dollars in investment, creating jobs and bolstering the Canadian economy.
Bill C-249 calls on Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to table a framework within three years of passage that focuses on lowering barriers to entry, minimizing administrative burdens and protecting those who work in the sector.
Ms. Rempel also pointed to the large knowledge gap that exists between regulators and members of the community — something we have said needs to change. To come up with a policy that works, the bill proposes any regulation is developed in consultation with those who work in the crypto industry, rather than have the government take a unilateral approach to issuing guidelines.
Our take
We firmly believe Canada has a great opportunity to bring back lost crypto talent and business because of restrictions and regulatory hang-ups in other parts of the world. ICYMI we recently spoke with former United States CFTC Chair Chris Giancarlo on our podcast about why it’s important governments not default to preserving the status quo, especially in a digital age.
The bottom line is crypto and blockchain technology is not going away — in fact, it’s growing and evolving. That’s why regulators need to encourage innovation, rather than ignore or try to stop it in a knee-jerk fashion.
We look forward to seeing what the government’s response will be to the bill. We also know, if asked, community members will help Canada develop appropriate guidelines that strike a balance between compliance and encouraging development in the sector.
It’s to be continued for now!
Talking Crypto and CBDCs 💻
Speaking of regulation, only five more sleeps 😴 until our panel discussion with Carolyn Wilkins! We’re looking forward to talking about the challenges and opportunities when it comes to adopting central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and cryptocurrencies. 🪙
She delivered a speech on cryptocurrencies last November that highlighted her personal views on the sector. Ms. Wilkins tipped her hat to Canada as, “home to pioneers like Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum.” 🧑‍💻 
There’s no better person to talk to when it comes to understanding legacy banking system and sticking points for regulators in the face of new technology. Ms. Wilkins had an impressive 20-year career at the Bank of Canada (BoC) 🏦 where she served as Senior Deputy Governor (2014 to 2020) establishing monetary and financial system policies. Since leaving the BoC, she has taken on many new ventures and is currently an external member of the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee.
Ether Capital’s CEO Brian Mosoff will also be taking part in the discussion and Bloomberg’s Michael Regan will be moderating 🎙️
Don’t forget to register: Wednesday, February 16th from 12:00pm ET to 1:00pm ET. We also look forward to answering your questions! 💡
EthCap in the News 🗞️
Our CEO Brian Mosoff recently spoke with Business Insider about January’s cryptocurrency selloff 📉 and explains why he’s bullish on the fundamentals and is looking beyond the short-term price. 🔭
If you follow EthCap news, you’ve probably heard us talk about staking 🥩 by now! Mr. Mosoff was interviewed by MoneySense about the process and how ETH holders can earn rewards on their investments. 💰 He also did a Q&A with Bitcoinist about EthCap’s staking strategy and why he believes the upcoming merge will be a game-changer for the industry. 🔥
Ether Capital’s CTO Shayan Eskandari took part in a discussion earlier this week with other industry leaders about the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum — a question we get asked often! Here’s a link to their conversation.
New Kid on the Block(chain) 🚀
Ether Capital is growing and we’re pleased to announce we’ve brought on Ashley Stanhope as our new Director of Communications!
She’s no stranger to us and has been working diligently behind-the-scenes 👩‍💻 for EthCap since last year spearheading our communications and media relations strategy. Her background in journalism and passion for crypto make her a great full-time addition to the team.
Please join us in welcoming her to EthCap! You can follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn, or send her an email to say hello and talk about video games 🎮 because she’s into that sorta thing. 😎
Our Bags Are Packed! 🧳
Next week, we’re heading back to the Ethereum community in Denver, Colorado! 🛫 🌄
ETHDenver is a community-owned gathering that brings together many of the brightest minds in the industry for a week learning, building, hacking and developing. 🐱‍💻
We’re looking forward to attending in person this year and supporting our CTO Shayan Eskandari who will be mentoring aspiring developers and judging some of the new technology.
We often cite the importance of the community and these are the individuals we’re talking about. They are the masterminds 🧠 behind exciting innovation like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi) and, of course, the metaverse! You’ve probably heard of these terms by now, right?
Keep an eye on our Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube channel where we’ll upload daily content so you can follow us on our adventure. 🥳
Newsworthy Links & Highlights
Binance — the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange — is making a whopping US$200 million strategic investment in Forbes 💰. The funds will reportedly help the global media publisher execute on its plan to merge with a special purpose acquisition company (aka SPAC). This would make Binance one of the top two biggest owners of Forbes. 👀
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) made its largest financial seizure ever on Tuesday after arresting a couple in Manhattan who allegedly conspired to launder US$4.5 billion in stolen cryptocurrency. The DOJ says the arrests are proof that “cryptocurrency is not a safe haven for criminals.” 🚓
The total value of crypto-related mergers and acquisitions soared 💸 to US$55 billion in 2021 from the US$1.1 billion a year earlier, according to a recent PwC report. The U.S. also accounted for the majority (51%) of last year’s transactions. 🇺🇸
Have Questions About Crypto? 🤔
The industry is quickly evolving and there’s a lot of information to keep up with. That’s why we want to help! 💪
Email us your questions and we’ll respond to as many as we can. While we can’t provide investment advice, we do want to steer you in the right direction so you can be informed. 💡
Thank you for subscribing to our weekly newsletter! We’d love to hear your feedback so please don’t hesitate to reach out. 😎 🚀
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