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Solve don't sell 💥 #14

Hey everybody. I wanted to share this week one of the key lessons in lead generation that I'm taking
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Solve don't sell 💥 #14
By Ross Chapman • Issue #14 • View online
Hey everybody. I wanted to share this week one of the key lessons in lead generation that I’m taking on as I grow Etch Sprints.
Solve, don’t sell.
The essence of that statement is that solving customer problems is way more valuable because overt selling doesn’t work. Ultimately, it may lead to a sale, but for me, it’s more of a strategy, especially when you’re just starting out.
Customers aren’t just more savvy, they can tell when they’re being sold to. The internet has made things way more transparent and accessible. The whole concept of “selling to customers” needs a massive rethink.
Advertising isn’t working on TV and even more recently, discounts and Free Trials are becoming less valuable.
The days when you could land a sale by simply offering a discount or free trial are long since over. Now, smart prospects are focused on far more than price: they’re closely evaluating a multitude of options to find one that genuinely solves the problems that they’re facing in their business. ref
When picking a car rental company yesterday, I was evaluating the customer service by how good the iOS app was. One that was buggy or slow told me that this company wasn’t robust or easy for me.
Customers = people just like you and me. Most have their bullshit detector set on maximum, so you’ve got to do two things:
  • work on something you truly believe in is value
  • check that it is valuable
  • share how it is indeed valuable
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