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Point to purpose 👈 #11

Hey everybody, A week late, but my, how we've grown! 50 subscribers now. It's not all about the numbe
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Point to purpose 👈 #11
By Ross Chapman • Issue #11 • View online
Hey everybody,
A week late, but my, how we’ve grown! 50 subscribers now. It’s not all about the numbers though, it’s about the engagement.
Last week marked the first design sprint for 2019. What’s also lovely is that it’s with a returning partner, whom we actually ran the first sprint with over a year ago. We also did an iteration week (our design sprints are two weeks), giving us another chance to learn from customers.
It’s hard work, but it’s fun work - and not because it’s a laugh a minute (although often it is!). It’s fun because it’s purposeful. Work that fulfils your own needs, work that you can be proud of doing, engage and contribute.
It’s not the default. Jake Knapp says this about purpose and defaults:
Rethink your “defaults.” Defaults don’t just exist in our tech products, they also exist in our work and social culture and they sometimes stand in the way of you doing purposeful, effective work.
So next time you’re doing work, ensure it’s purposeful!

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