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Learn before you leap 😝 #7

Hey everybody, Last full week of 2018 and quite quickly, my thoughts turn to next year. Things to loo
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Learn before you leap 😝 #7
By Ross Chapman • Issue #7 • View online
Hey everybody,
Last full week of 2018 and quite quickly, my thoughts turn to next year. Things to look forward to, things to experiment with and new things to learn.
Pretty much what everyone does right? It’s the same in the way we work. We get excited by the big stuff, rather than looking at small incremental change.
Great execution can make up for an average idea. Michael Williams reminds us all that:
Small, frequent releases are safer than big, infrequent releases.
They’re not just safer, but they enable us to execute more frequently, increasing our speed to change. Like reps, we’re able to learn and grow much quicker.
So, before I look forward, what can I learn looking back this year?
  1. Doing what everyone else is doing is quite a bad idea (learn more from Sam Ovens). Instead, focus on one product/service, but also grow in the right way, which may be different to the norm. You’ve got to question everything and have a constant learning mindset.
  2. Build systems and iterate. Having bespoke ways of working is pretty wasteful, so I built systems to get key data and improve over time. First was the way I use Calendly to book in meetings. Meeting requests can occur automatically. Then I built a Sprint Toolkit which I can improve on over time.
  3. Lifetime value. I believe more now in lifetime value, often putting myself “out of business” to deliver as much as possible, often for free upfront. I give without expectation. Why? I wholly believe in what I do and the more I can share and the more I can remove barriers - the better I learn what I’m doing is relevant!
Before going forward, just take a look back. If you don’t, you may indeed miss a whole tonne of learning and continue doing what you’re doing, but expecting things to change.
Here’s 5 links for you this week:

1. The Future is Finery: Designing for Female Empowerment
2. How Home Depot has built a culture of innovation using design sprints
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