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Keep trying until you get it right 💡 #3

Hey everybody! People think that it just takes a good idea to change the game, but what about startin
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Keep trying until you get it right 💡 #3
By Ross Chapman • Issue #3 • View online
Hey everybody!
People think that it just takes a good idea to change the game, but what about starting with a small idea and iterating it along?
I call it running before you can walk.
Execution really is more important than a whole lot of up front planning. What people are concerned about is the admission that work is an experiment and a plan is a guess. You have to do something and learn from it and then adjust. You can have huge goals (and you should be 10x your goals), but to get there, it takes a number of gos, a number of failures and a few things that actually work. It’s because you’re learning.
I’ve been enjoying this article by Ben Zimmer. In it, he quotes Caroline McCarthy who says:
“Old products are killed. New ones are rolled out one at a time, rather than bundled together in a huge annual relaunch. Experimental features emerge and disappear.”
Engineers at Google live by the mantra “Launch Early and Iterate” or put simply “keep trying until you get it right.”

With that, here’s this week’s 5 links:

Sometimes, you need longer than a week, especially when you are changing how a whole business works. Suzanne Gibbs Howard, Dean of IDEO U, chatted with Mathew Chow about prototyping organizational change.
“You don’t want people asking for design sprints every week instead of doing the hard, detailed work that comes before and after. You don’t want people to assume that design sprints are everything.” Something Jake Knapp believes in and I share in the design training workshops I lead.
Neha Saigal shares some highlights from a design sprint she ran at Optimizely. In less than one week, they created alignment around the problem, defined the core concept and created an interactive prototype, validated solutions with real customers and got actionable feedback. Not bad for a week’s worth of work.
I believe the design sprint is best done in-person, but for distributed teams, what about doing it remotely? A few have tried and succeeded, so it’s worth understanding what it looks like, as a few of the techniques need to be tweaked to work totally online.
“To us, as designers and technologists, working with our clients on Design Sprints had been a chance to discover we had a knack for getting our hands dirty on the comprehension of their business.” Sergio Panagìa, Partner and Technical director at Moze shares why they discover using the design sprint.

Workshops 👋
A two day workshop to learn how to run design sprints within your business.
A second chance to learn how to run the design sprint and speed up decision making within your team.

Events 🗓
Bring your team to Etch and we’ll show you how to run the Lightning Decision Jam. There will be a chance to network and have a beer on us too ! 🍺

Thanks for reading! I’d love to get some feedback (so I can iterate!), so feel free to reply to this email. ⚡️
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