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Etcetera #9: The Keynes, rewilding, horological craftsmanship

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
I am compiling this a couple of days in advance so allow me some slack if any of the links get milkshake ducked in the meantime. Also: can’t wait for the Government’s racial disparity report that definitely will not say anything about the UK being a model of racial equity. What? Eh? Oh.
As ever, reply to this if you have anything to say—comments, suggestions, u still up? etc. It goes only to me and I won’t tell anyone of our secret shame. Share the newsletter if you think anyone else will be interested. You’ll find the link… somewhere, probably at the bottom, or you can forward the email like it’s 2005 and we’re in each other’s MySpace top 8. Have a good Easter if you celebrate that sort of thing and see you next week.

Come to Milton Keynes
See also: The struggle for the soul of Milton Keynes is the best (read: balanced and comprehensive) of a host of MK-focused articles that were published around the town’s 50th birthday a few years ago. Anyway, in terms of 1980s songs relating to Milton Keynes, Cliff Richard is our anointed king, with the rollerskating video for ‘Wired For Sound’ filmed in our high modernist OMNIMALL.
Inside the new campaign to rewild the Royal Family, Church and Oxbridge
Regrowing a tropical forest – is it better to plant trees or leave it to nature?
When the Mob Comes
A New Article Page Design at ProPublica
See also: I’ve lost count of the number of times I have sent a link to Eileen Webb’s Training the CMS when helping people improve their web publishing tools.
Non-English Editions of Wikipedia Have a Misinformation Problem
Inside The Design: The Case For Better Watch Typography
So What Is a British Biscuit Really?
It’s Only Bloody Dominik Diamond!
Breaking down David Bowie's 'Heroes' – Tony Visconti & Erin Tonkon
Breaking down David Bowie's 'Heroes' – Tony Visconti & Erin Tonkon
Marvellous. “Heroes” gets what we should now properly call the Song Exploder treatment. There are a couple of lovely micro-stories here, particularly one about a kiss, and I had never really understood the layered nature of Robert Fripp’s guitar tracks until now.
The satisfying math of folding origami - Evan Zodl
The satisfying math of folding origami - Evan Zodl
A neat, short video about origami, its mathematics and its practical applications. This is the sort of interesting educational video I used to love to make while working at The Open University—which brings us full circle, as that was another post-war social democratic project that is also monumentally misunderstood and underappreciated. And guess where it’s based.
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