By Matthew Culnane

Etcetera #8: Trees, Pasta, Death



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Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Hello. How are you? I felt supremely shit all last week after my Bill Gates injection so there was no newsletter last Friday. I’ve been catching up this week. RIP Jessica Walter. I’d never seen this video of Mississippi John Hurt before. This album has soundtracked my morning but hell do I miss walking around the University of Bath campus listening to it on my Discman. As ever, reply with comments, suggestions, abuse. See you next week.

How to kill the English language
Champion Trees, Urban Forests, and a Plan to Save the Planet
The Baddest Man in Town
Mission: ImPASTAble
Saving A Language You're Learning To Speak
What Data Can’t Do
This is a fun and interesting video, demonstrating the (sometimes impressive, sometimes deliberately poor) techniques that director David Wain uses in productions like Wet Hot American Summer and Wanderlust. I’m never remotely concerned with ~engagement~ numbers but I’m quite astonished that a director of his renown runs an 11-y-o YouTube channel with only just over 2,000 subscribers. David Wain is great, tell your friends!
Till Another Time: 1988-1996, by Linda Smith
The Way We Were, by Matthew Leger
Flipping Death – Nintendo Switch Trailer
Flipping Death – Nintendo Switch Trailer
I’ve just started playing Flipping Death which is on first impression a very fun adventure game about replacing the grim reaper while he’s on holiday. It’s frequently on sale if you want to pick it up for a few [local currencies].
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Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane @coldbrain

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