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Etcetera #6: NFTs, subscriptions, sign language

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Here’s this week’s list of links. Truly, something for everyone!
I wouldn’t blame you for skipping over the NFT bit, but even if like me you’re exhausted by the topic you can at least be reassured that other people hate the same things as you. And that’s what life’s about, isn’t it?
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There are a bunch of other interesting takes among the inevitable dross; one pleasing result of all the publicity this week is that people have been motivated to write pieces that are part-explainer, part-warning about the many negative impacts of NFTs. Sean Bonner on the financial impact on artists themselves is one example, and Ernest Wilkins frames it in a slightly different way: using examples from the NBA (yes, that NBA) to demonstrate how this is merely an exercise in making the rich richer.
The latter aspect for me is super important and goes far beyond the specifics of cryptoart: I see zero value in this capitalistic vulture lifestyle of manufacturing scarcity, this ongoing effort to replace everything with finance, this bullshit non-theory that seeks to limit actual ownership of anything, all while silently whispering dead-eyed prayers to the blockchain, our techno deity du jour.
A related thought:
Ted Gioia
No, non-fungible tokens aren't the future of music, but the interest in them testifies to the deep human desire to own music, not just "borrow" or "subscribe" to it. This alone may be sufficient to create a place for tokens in the music business.
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