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Etcetera #49: Floppies, Curators, Puppets

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Hello. I am increasingly wowed by Readwise’s new Reader app, which is having a transformative effect on what I’m reading. If you’re an existing Readwise user and you want something that blows away every other read-it-later app while adding a huge number of extra features (ebooks, RSS, newsletters, Twitter threads etc), I encourage you to sign up for the private beta.
See you next time.

‘People might cry’: welcome to the hilariously creepy world of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared
Jew Or Nazi? Ted Kessler’s Encounters With Mark E. Smith
Tom Cruise's Late Style
  • An Oral History of ‘Homer’s Barbershop Quartet’.
  • All about Doric, the Scots dialect reportedly spoken by the Queen.
  • No, carpe diem does not mean ‘seize the day’.
  • “The collective noun for a group of historians is an ‘argumentation,’ and for good reason.” On revisionist history.
  • Alex G is back and is doing the interview circuit: NYT, Pitchfork, Loud and Quiet. I’ve managed to listen to his forthcoming album and I love it. Maybe his best since Beach Music.
  • I’ve linked to this series a few times; this one is particularly good. On Crazy Town’s stupid 2001 hit ‘Butterfly’.
  • An eye-opening piece on pronouns: “I go to work. I’m wearing a miniskirt. Everyone asks me for my pronouns. To me, what that means is ‘I see that you’re a man. And I see that you’re dressed in a woman’s costume. And I would like to know whether or not you want me to participate in the fantasy you’re having.’ ”
The dreaded Tweets
Peter Walker
A round of applause, please, for the Guardian colleague who wrote the headline to this story of mine.
Oliver Darkshire 🌈
have started saying the subtext out loud in conversation (eg. "by the way I'm asking for reassurance" or "this look means I want you to put that down so we can talk") and honestly the success rate in getting what I want is much higher
Never forget to test your logotype designs upside down
In rotation
🎮 I’ve started playing Dead Cells again. It’s a combination of roguelike and metroidvania that’s somehow still getting meaningful, free updates several years after its release. I’m not really sure why I’m so bad at it, given my experience and relative expertise in similar games, but I am awful—I hear stories of people getting to the ‘end’ in their first few runs, but I’m up to run 66 and haven’t come close. It’s available on pretty much every platform, including mobile. Highly recommended.
Dead Cells - Pre-Order Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Dead Cells - Pre-Order Trailer - Nintendo Switch
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