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Etcetera #44: Screen Readers, Vikings, Peafowl

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Hello. How’ve you been? In the past few weeks I have variously: melted in the heat, especially during my son’s nursery sports day; accidentally got a new job; and watched in horror as the two main political parties in the UK battle to see who can do the stupidest shit during a time of national crisis. It’s been an odd period.
Weirdly, lots of people have signed up since I last sent an issue of this newsletter. Do reply with your thoughts and/or suggestions of things to include in the next one. I have a big backlog of articles to read and podcasts to listen to from June and July, so issue #45 might follow fairly soon.
See you next time.
P.S.: If you can remember as far back as the previous issue, you might have noticed a couple of erroneous and duplicate links. Apologies for that. This is a bug in Revue, the tool I use to send these newsletters, where sometimes things disappear from view until after I’ve pressed send. I’m assured it’s now fixed.

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In rotation
🎮 Since we last spoke I’ve picked up Mechstermination Force (Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC) again after bouncing right off it a year or two ago. By the time you read this I’ll likely have finished it. A lower-budget combination of Cuphead, Shadow of the Colossus and Contra, the game sees you battle against a series of enormous, outlandish mechs who’ve taken over the world. Lots of fun. I also finished the wonderful Celeste—the main campaign wasn’t as difficult as I’d been led to believe, but the post-game stuff is absolutely kicking my arse.
🎵 Something else I bought a year ago and hadn’t engaged with until recently is Turnstile’s Glow On. Quite the genre mix—I can hear thrash metal, punk, shoegaze, R&B and much more. This has been the soundtrack to my morning walks lately, along with Drug Church’s Hygiene.
📚 Dan Charnas’s Dilla Time is a great book about the music and legacy of legendary producer J Dilla. Charnas was interviewed by Jesse Thorn on Bullseye if you want to learn a bit more.
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Matthew Culnane
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