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Etcetera #38: Goose, Genre, Hotdogs

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Hello. I had so much fun playing through Kirby and the Forgotten Land with my son that I’m doing a 100% run on my own. It’s that good. If you have smaller children—and even if you don't—I encourage you to at least check out the demo.
See you next time.

My Friend Goo
Tweed Jackets and Class Consciousness
Who Is Steven Hotdog? Or, Untangling the “Braided Essay”
Sonic Youth and the Business of Keeping a Dead Band Alive
See also: This isn’t the first time the SY archival project has been written about. See for example Joe Gross’s interview for Bandcamp Daily, where Shelley picks out eight notable releases. (Quick rec: the Live in Los Angeles 1998 set is beyond fantastic.) I’ve also linked in a previous newsletter to this Max Abelson article about The Grateful Dead archive and community.
Adrianne Lenker alternative guitar tunings || Newport Folk Festival
Adrianne Lenker alternative guitar tunings || Newport Folk Festival
Ian Wade
Smash Hits asks Richey Manic what he thinks of raves
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Matthew Culnane
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