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Etcetera #29: Aline, Invasions, Savile

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Hello. Welcome to the first non-Friday issue, here to hopefully make your Wednesday marginally more tolerable.
Have you heard the new War on Drugs album? You ought to.
See you next time.

How Wes Anderson built the world of The French Dispatch
Here is the video for ‘Aline’. I’m not clever enough to know what the French word for ensemble is, but this ought to give you a sense of just how many actors are involved, including a host of Anderson’s regular players and some new faces:
THE FRENCH DISPATCH | "Aline" Music Video | Directed by Wes Anderson | Searchlight Pictures
THE FRENCH DISPATCH | "Aline" Music Video | Directed by Wes Anderson | Searchlight Pictures
The Century-Old Sci-Fi Trope That Just Won’t Die
How two BBC journalists risked their jobs to reveal the truth about Jimmy Savile
  • The Dismemberment Plan’s Change turns 20. I’m still slightly disappointed that I was away at university and unable to see them play at Zak’s, a tiny Milton Keynes venue, around the time of the album’s release.
  • I’m a fan of Steven Johnson’s work, particularly his books and columns about what he calls ‘tools for thought’. I’ve subscribed to his newsletter, Adjacent Possible.
  • A list of old people who Ben Jenkins believes do and do not know who Mario is. Like, if you showed them a picture.
  • Rosie Boycott talks to Dan Saladino about his new book, Eating To Extinction, which covers agricultural challenges in the global food system affecting not just fauna but flora too.
  • Here’s a pre-history of shoegaze, from Phil Spector’s sixties girl bands through psychedelia, noise-pop, drone, post-punk, new wave and no-wave, up to 1991’s Loveless:
Before Loveless: How Shoegaze Became Shoegaze
Before Loveless: How Shoegaze Became Shoegaze
The photo below is a time-lapse image of Route 163 in Utah heading towards Monument Valley. In the sky? That’s the centre of the galaxy. (Found via and explained by Alan Jacobs.)
Monument Valley by Mark Abramy
Monument Valley by Mark Abramy
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Matthew Culnane
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