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Etcetera #28: Rescoring, Street Views, Donnie Darko

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Hello. Back at last. Here are some things that caught my attention since we last spoke.
Which has been a few weeks. Apologies for that. I’ve ummed and ahhed about it and I’m very likely to change the frequency of this newsletter. It’s billed as weekly, but is more like three weeks out of every four. This is mostly due to the weekly cadence not always being perfectly aligned with my work schedule and family responsibilities. Sometimes I have a whole newsletter ready several days prior to sending it, and it just sits there, rotting like old fruit; other days I wake up on the Friday and have absolutely nothing prepared, not even an excuse.
The upshot is that I’ll probably start sending it when it’s ready. When I’ve compiled a decent number of links. On occasion that’ll be two issues in a week; other times there might be a fortnight between them.
So this is a clearing of the decks of sorts—a bunch of stuff from October that I’ve read, watched and listened to.
In terms of what I’ve played, the answer is easy: Metroid Fucking Dread, lads. If you’re at all on the fence then a demo is available. My favourite game of the year so far, I highly recommend it if you’re at all interested in exploration or relentless killer alien robots.
As for books, Charlie Kaufman’s Antkind is keeping me going, and I finally got my copy of Joshua Cohen’s The Netanyahus, which has featured here in past issues.
See you next Friday time.
PS: some email clients, particularly Gmail, will truncate this issue towards the end. You might like to click this link to read it in your browser instead.

Pitchfork Reviews: Rescored
Paul McCartney on Writing “Eleanor Rigby”
Why's it taken so long for foreign-language characters and words to make it into English cookbooks?
The Vegan Food Wars of DC
Street Views
It’s Time to Stop Talking About “Generations”
The staying power of Arrival
Looking Back At ’Donnie Darko’ At 20: A Timeless Suburban Gothic
How I mastered the mental game of tennis
I Fucking Love Science
Here’s Bartees Strange performing ‘Boomer’, my favourite song from his 2020 album Live Forever:
Bartees Strange - "Boomer" | Pitchfork Music Festival 2021
Bartees Strange - "Boomer" | Pitchfork Music Festival 2021
If you are remotely interested in what might be called elevated burger production then you’ll find this interesting. It’s from a place called ‘Elder Burger’ in Seoul:
매일 완판! 미국 베스트버거 어워드에서 1위를 3번이나 수상한 햄버거 끝판왕! 빵부터 베이컨, 소스까지 모두 직접 만드는 수제버거 / Handmade Burger
매일 완판! 미국 베스트버거 어워드에서 1위를 3번이나 수상한 햄버거 끝판왕! 빵부터 베이컨, 소스까지 모두 직접 만드는 수제버거 / Handmade Burger
I replayed A Short Hike a couple of weeks ago. A (very) short and sweet open world game, this video shows how it subverts some common “let’s get away from it all” cultural tropes:
A Short Hike: Nature, Cell Phones, and Friendship
A Short Hike: Nature, Cell Phones, and Friendship
This is ostensibly a video about how to write drum patterns for videogames but, more than that, it’s an extremely solid foundation for understanding what drum(mer)s do in the context of any particular song:
How to Write Drum Parts (for non drummers)
How to Write Drum Parts (for non drummers)
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