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Etcetera #27: Kurt, Underground London, Teletext

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
This week: what it’s like being friends with a celebrity, the strangely shaped nests of monitor lizards, and two great Chicago albums of differing renown. Further down we have a LEGO tribute to Smashing Pumpkins and a sad goodbye to Greg Gilbert.
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My Time with Kurt Cobain
See also: this 2013 article by Mark Richardson for Pitchfork on how Cobain is celebrated and remembered, and this 2010 Steven Hyden piece for The A.V. Club about Nirvana vs. Guns N’ Roses.
Play it faster, play it weirder: how speedrunning pushes video games beyond their limits
The lost rivers and forgotten history of London
No One Imagined Giant Lizard Nests Would Be This Weird
Why Does Utopian Architecture Suck?
Spotify for readers: How tech is inventing better ways to read the internet
Generation X are heavy, risky drinkers. Will anything ever persuade us to stop?
See also: Tom Usher’s You and I Get Tanked Differently for Vittles.
Students who grew up with search engines might change STEM education forever
A is for Jump
Wilco's 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' Turns 20
What Is Real Is What You Feel: Chastity Belt’s “Time To Go Home”
A video
The Rise and Fall of Teletext covers the technology, history and (perhaps surprisingly) current state of teletext services:
The Rise and Fall of Teletext
The Rise and Fall of Teletext
A picture
 Adnan Lotia makes LEGO models of famous album covers:
An album
Faded Seaside Glamour by Delays
A book
The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall
A game
Urban Flow on Nintendo Switch
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