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Etcetera #25: Curious Birds, Robot Chefs, Viruses

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Hello. In the main section this week we have stories about a species of bird defined by its inquisitiveness, about food automation and late-stage capitalism in southern India, and about how the science in science writing is often too narrowly defined.
The remainder is the usual grab bag of links, this week including nutrition, Latin, modernist architecture and time loops.
See you next Friday.

A Most Mischievous Bird Of Prey
Delicious biryani, compliments to the robo-chef
See also: many issues ago we saw The Mysterious Case of the F*cking Good Pizza which was my first exposure to ghost kitchens.
The Politics of Viruses
Let it die
Will we ever get a clear idea about what foods we should eat?
Ghost Acres: Tulare Lake and the Past Future of Food
How to write a successful pop linguistics book
Speaking Latin brings an unmediated thrill to the Classics
The curse of Mies van der Rohe: Berlin’s six-year, £120m fight to fix his dysfunctional, puddle-strewn gallery
A good video on focus pulls in filmmaking, with lots of examples:
The Art of the Focus Pull
The Art of the Focus Pull
One of the better videos on Wes Anderson I’ve seen of late, this one explores some of the technical side of his filmmaking and what can be done with more money:
How Wes Anderson Shoots A Film At 3 Budget Levels
How Wes Anderson Shoots A Film At 3 Budget Levels
An exploration of time loops in videogames and other popular culture:
Deathloop & Time Loops & Stuff
Deathloop & Time Loops & Stuff
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Matthew Culnane
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