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Etcetera #24: Roman Humour, Milk, Harps

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Hello. Here are this week’s links. Enjoy Bandcamp Friday, and I’ll see you next time.

No Laughing Matter? What the Romans Found Funny
The Rise and Fall of ‘ZuckTalk’
The Shuffle and the Breath: On Charlie Watts
Charlie Watts via ayjay: But Paul is 79, Ringo 81, Dylan 80. Eric Clapton is 76, Jimmy Page 77. Mick is 78, Keith 77. Pete Townshend 76, Roger Daltrey 77. In the next decade we are likely to lose almost all of those people, and an Era will have passed. It’s strange, for me anyway, to contemplate.
Wikipedia Is Trying to Transcend the Limits of Human Language
On Milk
David Crosby on love, music and rancour
See also: It’s only been a few issues since I last mentioned Crosby and other musicians mentioned in this interview, so I’ll refrain from covering too much again; suffice to say, please listen to If I Could Only Remember My Name, it’s unbelievably good, and his recent albums have no business being as great as they are.
‘These are his true remains’: the fight over Jeff Buckley’s final recordings
This is a great Twitter thread about Pulp’s graphic design:
Acrylic Afternoons
Here’s a bumper thread about Pulp’s logos and typefaces, and how together they’ve defined the band’s visual identity for over 30 years. 1/47
Irish language introduces new term for people of color
I really enjoyed this short about a man who builds a robot. Parts of the physical comedy are very funny and it’s somehow quite moving—a feeling possibly amplified by being the father of a toddler who constantly gets up to no good and incessantly questions everything:
Sci-Fi Comedy about a Freeloading Robot | BRIAN AND CHARLES
Sci-Fi Comedy about a Freeloading Robot | BRIAN AND CHARLES
Distortion pedals x harps. I’d listen to this all day:
I found the heaviest distortion pedal and used it on harp
I found the heaviest distortion pedal and used it on harp
I really enjoyed playing through Gris, a deeply affecting game about grief, and there’s plenty here that chimes with my experience:
How Gris Became My Favorite Game
How Gris Became My Favorite Game
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