By Matthew Culnane

Etcetera #14: Blades, Blums, Blues


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Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Hello. Here are this week’s picks. Lots more good replies and comments last week—do feel free to reply with any thoughts or suggestions.
See you next week.

The Kitchen Bladesmith
Chernobyl: A Stalkers’ Guide
See also: Alan Bellows with more on how we can communicate with future unknown societies about nuclear waste. Looking even further ahead, Ross Anderson asks if humans will be around in a billion years.
An American Historian
John Swartzwelder, Sage of “The Simpsons”
See also: one aspect of Swartzwelder’s approach to writing was immediately familiar to me: that of the shitty first draft, as popularised in Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. I also stumbled upon another rather odd bit of process this week: here’s Isaac Vallentin on the tortuous (to me) way he wrote his song ‘As I Wake from an American Dream’.
Novels and Novellas and Tomes, Oh My!
Appropriate Measures
See also: One of the movement’s central figures was E.F. Schumacher, whose book Small is Beautiful was a big influence on me when I read it almost 20 years ago.
Miscellany № 90: 🌀🪐☆✻, or, the grawlix
The Last Crossing (Slide Guitar), by Jamie Dupuis
Super Metroid - FAQ/Speed Guide
The Mitchells vs. The Machines
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Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane @coldbrain

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