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Etcetera #10: Pizza, Muons, Stop-Motion

Matthew Culnane
Matthew Culnane
Welcome to another Plague Friday! Here are this week’s picks. I particularly like the first article and the Harold Halibut video. See you next time—in the meantime I will be submerged in Punk Squirrel IPA.

The Mysterious Case of the F*cking Good Pizza
The strange journey of ‘cancel,’ from a Black-culture punchline to a White-grievance watchword
A Tiny Particle’s Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics
See also: Quanta magazine goes deep on the same topic, while, as ever, The Conversation manages to cram a lot of stuff into its smaller word count.
Eat Your Books
How George Harrison staged one of the most influential concerts in music history
See also: Wah-Wah! It feels like the position of All Things Must Pass in the musical canon has slipped in the past decade or two. Here’s hoping for a Harrison revival soon.
Stephen Malkmus' Debut Solo Album Turns 20
See also: Brighten The Corners is mentioned (relatively) unfavourably above; here’s another 20-year reminiscence. I will defend Terror Twilight until the death, too.
Course In Fable, by Ryley Walker
See also: The (self-released) album has moved the media spotlight slightly closer to Walker—he’s done interviews with The Guardian, The Ringer and Uproxx, among others.
Harold Halibut - Story Trailer 2021
Harold Halibut - Story Trailer 2021
This is frankly ludicrous. Developer Slow Bros have ported stop-motion frames into Unity and made a game from them. It looks incredible. The lazy and obvious comparison is ‘If Wes Anderson made a video game’, so I will say that too. It appears to be a narrative game about large numbers of people fleeing Earth in search of safety, which leads us neatly on to…
Re-Creation: Jeff Tweedy | American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster | Fender
Re-Creation: Jeff Tweedy | American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster | Fender
Most Wilco fans I know love ‘Impossible Germany’, which is essentially a band jam and an extended Nels Cline solo stapled together to make a song. A fine one at that, but not one that stands out as being an obvious contender for Jeff Tweedy to play solo on the Fender Acoustasonic, which itself is a weird hybrid of Jazzmaster and acoustic guitar that allows you to blend the tones from each. It’s supremely odd and reminds me of nothing more than that old SNL clip about a product that’s both floor wax AND dessert topping.
See also: Jeff Tweedy’s book How To Write One Song is terrific. It’s a widely applicable guide to nurturing creativity.
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Matthew Culnane
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