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Welcome (back)! Relaunching Eszter's List

Eszter Hargittai
Eszter Hargittai
Thanks for signing up for this list, which I started 20 years ago this month, but then abandoned a few years later in favor of blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. I have missed the ability to share content directly through email rather than relying on the algorithms of various systems to decide what to show people (not to mention that several of my friends never got into social media) so I’m back to this format. The list is mainly for sharing interesting, informative, enjoyable content. I also include work-related materials, usually up front, but that is not the focus (noting for those of you not in my work world). I may also give brief updates about my whereabouts. I hope you enjoy and do feel free to send feedback and/or links.
** Please note that some US university networks deem the links to be problematic and won’t let you through to them so if you are viewing this on campus or through VPN, you may run into problems. I have contacted the service provider to see what they can do about this. Please let me know if you run into such issues.

Published: the Handbook of Digital Inequality
For years, I worked with dozens of digital inequality scholars to bring together exciting perspectives on this field, which has culminated in the publication of this Handbook. It’s not priced for individual purchases, but I hope you encourage your library to get a copy, whether physical or digital.
For extra measure, the great Handbook unboxing: video of me opening the box with the book. (If you watch YouTube unboxing videos, you’ll probably get a kick out of this, if you don’t then maybe just skip it. ;-)
Tech corner
Churches Target New Members, With Help From Big Data - WSJ
You Look Like a Thing and I Love You - Wikipedia
Just Tech Fellowship Expression of Interest – Social Science Research Council (SSRC)
Art corner
Klimt vs. Klimt — Google Arts & Culture
Hungary Photos
If you happen to be in Budapest, there is a wonderful photo exhibit along the Danube (with similarly lovely views - weather depending - in the background) featuring life, nature, architecture, and people in Hungary. The online version of this is not nearly as good, but if you can’t enjoy it in person, it’s an alternative:
Some photos I took of the outside exhibition yesterday (Dec 27, 2021).
Some photos I took of the outside exhibition yesterday (Dec 27, 2021).
Food corner
Apple Crumble Coffee Cake
If you don’t already follow Chef John’s cooking (the chef behind the recipe above), you are missing out. His videos are incredibly informative and his recipes terrific. This is just one good find. I’m sure I’ll be posting other tried and true dishes from him in the future.
Cheese Isn’t Bad for You
Academic humor
A normal day?
I hope you are surrounded by vaccinated people and stay healthy. I wish you good things for 2022!
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