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Eszter's List - June 30, 2022

Eszter Hargittai
Eszter Hargittai
It’s been way too long since I sent out the last issue. I had planned to send one out February 24th, but with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I got distracted. Switzerland now has over 50,000 Ukrainian refugees. I’ve been impressed by how the university has worked on integrating Ukrainian students into our curriculum. The situation generally is heartbreaking, of course. Five million Ukrainians have left their country, another seven million are displaced within Ukraine.
I created these postcards to call attention to the crisis. If you’re inspired to make a donation to a charity that helps Ukrainian refugees, please do. Let me know and I’d be happy to send you some of these cards in postal mail, just send me your mailing address.

Postcard by Eszter Hargittai
Postcard by Eszter Hargittai
An explanation of Jewish law on abortion
Those following US politics will understand why this is timely
There are many terms out there for gender identity and sexual orientation, if you’re confused, this guide may help
Writing guidelines for gender equity and inclusivity
The health benefits of being bilingual (thanks Mom & Dad!)
A very neat visual guide to Aztec gods
What’s up with how Passover and Easter are sometimes, but often not at all in sync?
Great piece about how the lunar year and solar year are not the same length, and what this means for determining holidays. As you read this piece, note that in Swiss train stations, if you observe carefully, you’ll see that the second hand on the big clocks pauses for a bit when it makes a full circle to correct for some of what this piece discusses.
Africa may have been hit harder by covid-19 than anyone knew
This piece would make for good discussion in a social science research design class.
The effects of remote work on collaboration among information workers
Data visualizations
Neat visualization of where Americans in various states were born (in state, other US state, abroad), 1850-2020
So how good are groundhogs at predicting the weather?
A devastating story about a couple falling for an online scam - be careful out there
The horrific climate effect of NFTs
Don’t know what NFTs are? Stephen Colbert explains
Modern Worlds: Austrian and German Art, 1890-1940 in Neue Galerie New York
I couldn’t be in New York City to see this exhibition in person, but I did order the catalog and it’s quite something.
How a young illustrator’s attention to detail—and a determined Victorian woman’s legacy—led to the discovery of a new species in an old painting.
Some wonderful family stories about art and the histories they tell.
Even very brief exercise can be good for you
Although the “Myself” button was not clickable, this is still rather amusing.
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Eszter Hargittai
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