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💪 Why League of Legends needs to step up its data game

Laurent Cazanove
Laurent Cazanove
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OMG, it’s our 10th issue—that’s five months already. Time flies, really. Thanks for sticking around.
Happy 10niversary everyone.🎂
Let’s dive in.
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✨ Something from me
I’m glad to have some visibility on Riot plans for League esports data. We’ll see how this pans out. But one thing is certain: data distribution is a paramount challenge for the scene sustainability.
Why League of Legends needs to step up its data game
Find me speaking 👇
  • July 13-14th: live-coding at Vue.js Forge, the largest hands-on Vue event
(legit losing my 💩 just seeing my face next to the other Vue speakers)
🌍 Ecosystem roundup
🖇 Internet picks
A Karmine Corp ultra gets to the stage in front of 12k fans and forgets a couple of words.
Let me warn you—this will make you cringe. And if it gets stuck in your head; sorry, not sorry.
KCX 2 - Oooh kc Saken Pala la la
KCX 2 - Oooh kc Saken Pala la la
If you watched until the end… yeaah. 🤷 Like my friend Itaah would say, “that’s a proper runway excursion.”
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Laurent Cazanove
Laurent Cazanove @StriftCodes

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