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🚀 League data analysis & awpy release

Laurent Cazanove
Laurent Cazanove
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“A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. That is why I read so much.” — Tyrion Lannister
🔍 Eyes On: Data Analysis in League of Legends
This week started with coaches’s comments on the access to data disparity between ERLs* teams. LEC Analyst Flora “Arailla” Parmentier later opened up on the state of data availability in the ecosystem. She cited Leaguepedia’s API and as viable solutions for teams lacking access.
A week before, Upcomer published a feature on statistics in LoL with a focus on data analysis in teams. What stood out to me was the secrecy around data retrieval, parsing, and analysis. Interviewee Gary “Tolki” Mialaret notably pointed at it as hindering the field’s growth.
Around the same time, Evil Geniuses released v2 of Thanks to support for more local leagues, this helps bridging the gap in ERLs. Through the platform’s Discord community, EG is also approaching analysis more openly. Here’s hoping this furthers the tech discussion in the industry.
*ERL = European Regional Leagues
🔥 What's Hot
👨‍💻 Tech Highlight: awpy v1.0
awpy is a Python package for parsing, analyzing and visualizing CS:GO data. The battle-tested Go demo parser powers the library. Plus, it has the best esports lib name out there. What’s not to like?
👉 Read the announcement (check out the showcases!)
🚀 Release Corner
🗞 The Roundup
✨ Cool Things Around The Internet
🍿 Something to watch
BLAST celebrates the return to LAN: Ready Up - A CS:GO documentary
🤯 Something interesting
Google Sheets wizardry meets Wordle: Excel-based Wordle
🌱 Something to think about
Is there always safety in numbers? Read on social proof & decision-making.
🤗 Something from me
A compilation of open-source esports projects. #30EsportsRepos, a thread.
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Laurent Cazanove
Laurent Cazanove @StriftCodes

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