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🧑‍🍳 Fresh JavaScript out of the oven

Laurent Cazanove
Laurent Cazanove
Hey, Strift here! This is issue #11 of Esports Tech News, a tech-oriented newsletter for gamers and esports workers.

How are you doing?
My past week has been exhausting. I was sick and had a lot to prepare for Vue.js Forge. But I feel better now, and I spent the weekend playing Tales of Arise (finally!)
This edition, we’re setting our target lock on Bun.js. Let’s dive in!
🧑‍🍳 Fresh JavaScript out of the oven
When JS devs got bored of rebuilding libraries, they started rebuilding the runtime. Jared Sumner released Bun.js, an all-in-one runtime for JavaScript, which includes a native bundler, TypeScript transpiler, task runner, and npm client. And it is fast.
Since Bun is an all-in-one tool, performance is not limited to apps. Developer tooling also benefit from it:
🤔 What I think of it
Bun.js looks promising. Its sheer performance could be driving change across the entire JS ecosystem. Plus, I’d love to see more tools aim at running on the edge.
But it still has to come to grips with:
  • Project scoping—A monumental scope is not a bad thing per se, but it makes the challenge greater
  • Sustainable maintaining—Forming a team around the creator is vital to ensuring continuous development and support
  • The Zig question—Bun is built with the Zig language which is quite unproven in the industry
🔥 What's hot?
🐦 Internet picks
We’ll close this issue with a meme straight out Bun’s community. 😂
And that wraps up this 11th issue. If you liked it, share it or forward it to a friend. 💌
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See you in two weeks,
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Laurent Cazanove
Laurent Cazanove @StriftCodes

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