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🇫🇷 Esports at the Élysée palace and new format

Laurent Cazanove
Laurent Cazanove
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“This idea that you have to be an expert before you can share your thoughts or opinions is a tool gatekeepers use to discourage people from looking behind the curtains.” — Kelsey Hightower
🔥 What’s hot?
✨ News from me
It was a calm two weeks on my end. I started working on some side-projects again. But I need to get a lot more writing done before I can talk about it. 😬
A few highlights from my ongoing projects:
📸 Learning to use TwicPics
As you might know, I’ve recently joined TwicPics as Developer Advocate. As I’m learning to use the image optimization & transformation SaaS, I try to document what I learn in a beginner-friendly way.
🌍 Industry roundup
  • Tournament: Nintendo and Panda finally reveal Panda Cup 2022, the official North American Smash Bros. circuit to begin this June
  • Tournament: Streamer and Z Event organizer Adrien “ZeratoR” Nougaret fills the Paris Accor Arena with his Trackmania Cup 2022. Get a feel. (No VOD yet.)
🐦 Twitter highlight
Maybe I laughed harder than I should have. 😂
why the fuck is there so much money going into fintech. what does finland have that we dont
And that’s a wrap! You can give your feedback by answering the question below. 👇
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Laurent Cazanove
Laurent Cazanove @StriftCodes

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