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By Laurent Cazanove

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Laurent Cazanove
Laurent Cazanove
Hey, this is Strift. You’re receiving this issue because you signed up to Esports Tech News, a tech-oriented newsletter on esports. If you like it, forward it to a nerdy friend! 👀

No, we’re not a data science newsletter. But this edition’s got some pretty interesting stuff for our data-loving readers.
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✨ Something from me
In the previous edition, I talked about adding new features to my Classic recruitment platform side-project. This week I’m giving you more context.
This article explains the importance of community in WoW Classic and shows why a player recruitment platform was needed.
Launching a recruitment platform for Classic guilds
PS. I’ll be at the KCX2 in Paris this Tuesday. Come and say hi!
🌍 Industry roundup
  • Library: Tauri released v1.0. It’s a secure, performant way to build desktop apps using web techs. Honestly, the DX looks OP.
🐦 Socials highlight
Cringe tech hiring ad… meets its then-16-years-old creator.
What's the type of careerStuck?
What's the type of careerStuck?
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Laurent Cazanove
Laurent Cazanove @StriftCodes

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